Day of Mood Change Through Practice Game Truth Chess | KGameVui Part 3

Day of Mood Change Through Practice Game Truth Chess | KGameVui Part 3


  1. Wait what's that's noice?- gets hit by the truck (this chapter is so good) B-)

  2. "Wait, what's that noise?""Where you think you're goin baby?"BONK 🙁

  3. If you not a child you can tell this is staged he spawns like 100 more mobs even if he cheated its staged

  4. the reminder that kids can just get on voice chats with real life adults genuinely terrifies me so yeah don't let your kids on the metaverse =O:)

  5. Looking forward for this season. Ana is one of my favorite characters.

  6. I'm rewatching all his videos now that he has passed and that ending just really hits different. "I'm free." The Great Potato War is what I believe is the ultimate display of Techno's true capacity in scary intelligence and shocking talent. His remarkable characteristics have made him so unique and embroidered in most everything minecraft by now. Mad respect. RIP 8)

  7. Tension headaches do often happen due to poor posture and high stress.

  8. Im about 1/3 into the game and Im blown away at the work Guerrilla put into this game. The level of detail, the graphics, the sheer volume of stuff to do, and the world itself is all astonishing. People complain about $70 games but this game is totally worth every penny. 😉

  9. Have you ever tried netherite monstrosity Vs cosmic fiend

  10. The Sidemen honestly NEVER disappoints with their videos, theyre always TOP TIER <3

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