Day of Mood Change Through Practice Game Truth Chess | KGameVui Part 2

Day of Mood Change Through Practice Game Truth Chess | KGameVui Part 2


  1. I haven't laughed this hard in months. When the baby looked straight up the hotdog hole I died

  2. I have a theory
    I think Jess might be making another roleplay or something. Just think about it.She's been bringing back a lot of older characters latley, before if Ein was kicked or something it didn't show where he went it just showed aph's pov. In the roleplays, it shows where the person goes when they get thrown or something. The technology that she is using is better. These videos are slowly looking more and more like the roleplays. I mean, look how many characters there are in this video. Normally, there are not this many, just the main people like kim, pierce, ein, aphmau, kc, zane, aaron, etc. There isn't much evidence right now, but it's still something to think about.

  3. I applaud Sean for even trying the second game after how he felt about the first one. I would not have gotten through to the end of this one. And they're making a third. The rage continues.

  4. I'm sure you've heard of it, but there's a mod called Better than Adventure which is essentially the same idea but applied to Beta 1.7.2. It's not as subtle as this one but it's still pretty cool, there's cherry blossom trees and those are gonna be official soon!!

  5. Okay, I know Nogla had a pretty big handicap, but man he had a lot of luck this time around haha

  6. Never played League, and never want to honestly, but these girls are *slaying*. Would love to hear more of them!

  7. Koda fighting the demon king was so cool WOW 😎

  8. Now THIS is what I'd like to find; a hidden library full of ancient books and scrolls written in thousands of languages – many lost to time – but still in incredible condition to be able to read! Thanks for making this possible! ^^

  9. 9:00-end of video. What you said Charlie, about others wanting to stay mad forever and not wanting to listen to every side and stay in that way, I really needed that. Thank you so much, I've been experiencing alot of workplace bullying and this made me feel like I can overcome the bullying. Thank you Charlie

  10. i cannot describe the simple joy i get when watching smii7ys videos

  11. I miss see him with his camera on:( but videos still entertaning as hell!! Keep the good work keane and editor.

  12. Villager Warrior 1: "General, what is the strategy?"

    Villager Warrior 2: "Pure chaos."

  13. Maaaaaaaan, it's been so long since i hear this song, but it still hits like the first time

  14. "The animatronics get quirky and kill a bit at night"

  15. my friends family wasnt doing well financially when he was younger, so when he finally saved enough money for a hamster he was so excited and had to show me. as soon as i got there, he lost the little guy. we were looking around, and i decided to take a break and sit down. my hand went down along with all of my body weight onto the hamster.

    lets just say we werent friends for very long after. 😛

  16. Server is Java & Bedrock 1.19+ We have a connection tutorial on Discord if you need it!

  17. Very slept on content, Adrian has so far performed a No Death, No Hit run flawlessly, seemingly with no effort
    What an animal

  18. Hey, I like the whistle! Either 1, The astronomer loves his work, or 2, A mystery figure has entered the story. Not all ambient video should be sleep-inducing. Yours is designed to wake up the imagination. Exquisite, enlivening, harmonious synaptic activity!

  19. i love that koda is nice and kai helps koda

  20. George Bush answered that question like hes the main antagonist

  21. Koda fighting the demon king was so cool WOW

  22. I'm so hype for this let's gooo also just reminding that Virginia is a mutant ally for u guys so be sure to be friendly with her,she can bring some herbs or sometimes food too 😛

  23. Randy and you have great a competition in global Fanny

  24. Similarities and copies tend to be out there everywhere, at the end it's who will stand out more

    Like when Valorant came out, it's basically like Csgo, but functionally and mechanically player friendly in terms of utility play, this made any kind of new players approach valorant alot easier as opposed to CSGO. Csgo has a harsh learning curve and plus has a running history, so the playerbase itself is already very adept in terms of knowledge, from positioning to gun recoil pattern to line ups to rotation timing, just learning and mastering any one of these can easily put one ahead

    Whereas Valorant still at its infancy for its playerbase knowledge, the stage where there are people who are completely new to FPS genre, so in terms of entering an unknown area of gameplay. It's still fairly acceptable.

    So now it becomes a point where Valorant has a bigger base of proper players and an influx of new players :'(

  25. The thing about the escalator handrails is that your hand is staying in one spot, still wash your hands but its not gliding across the entire thing

  26. I can highly advise treating her like a battle cruiser and she can play hard as a kiting ship. Those guns hit really hard

  27. Bruh last time it was me with nakroth against u with Elsu and this time its my friend with lauriel against you with Batman poor guy

  28. Brother Please just continue what you started I just got to 3:55 and i am already liking it and enjoying so just keep going we need good MC content creators for our viewers mental health 😀
    P.S: Leave the boring part in video even if its longer (gathering grinding, trading etc.) i can guarantee you we like that.

  29. "be your self and never surrender "
    "succes for you jess and all family"
    "good job and good luck"

  30. Heavenly laughing at Digi going offline after being cut off was beautiful.

  31. Thank you for what youve done for us tg it motivated me to start streaming

  32. Im not gonna get it because if you start comparing the original game to the remake and the way the skins look, if you go through both the first the second and the third game youll start to know that the Necro more textures even though they were back GEN. The next GEN ones dont look very good they look super clean and not how it supposed to be let alone the whole iconic head smashing scene that is supposed to be seen in dead space one isnt even there because they NERFED the fuck out of it they didnt even give us a chance to see it in NexGen. A lot of things here is missing along with the fact they fucked up character models massively to make them either look constipated, or like a fucking grandma. Or they added the character to make it talk make the character talk when nobody wanted that and removing the interactive or cool cut scenes at the original game ha I recommend trying to run or buy the original game on Xbox one rather than getting this because trust me, even though the original game is out of date is much funner the original game, then the remake trust me. Also, the atmosphere at all does not look in any way, similar or in feeling or an atmosphere to the original game are used to watch the original game in the second game I mean fucking religiously because those were the shit man, that was the shit and seen the remake. It makes me cringe. I think the remake of it being next GEN was gonna be good following the story not changing too much up you know, generally improving it slightly not touching the shit that everybody knows is going to piss people off, but they did and thats when it suddenly became a crash cash grab But yeah, thats the problem I have with it that and the fact that for the next GEN thing one of the missions is drastically different instead of a white light implosion its an explosion which canonically did not happen. Its explain that the reaction for the explosion with that floor or level with the 0G shock, therapy pads and the other stuff. Its not supposed to explode that way in a fiery explosion its supposed to be a gravel explosion plus they just made it fucking super scenic and cinematic when thats not what it supposed to be. Its supposed to be a greedy, dirty creepy. Survival whore with a fucking texture pack, similar Callisto protocol, but even better but we did not get that we got a remastered slightly better remastered garbage game. Yeah everything else might be fun but anybody whos a true true fan of the game knows this is not it because youre fucked up the crucial details that didnt need a fucking entire written book and Bible about it youre just dont fuck with certain things you just update the thing I dont know watch everything and all the things that the original creator is dead and try to use that as a guiding light and then make the game better but no every time are we make happens they never do that.

  33. Good vibes.. always sharing bangers with all of us :-/

  34. This looks really interesting! Great video

  35. Every day Mark teaches us that you don't have to be good at videogames to be a let's player. O:-)

  36. "She said yes"
    The only answer that I need instead of explaining the whole thing

  37. I love how she gets inspired by movies, anime, and all types of popular tv shows to just keep us entertained. We love you Jess 😀

  38. Jack: Ah, witch awesome.Witch: go get that meat, but beware Barry..Jack: Yeah, I'll go get it. Wonder why she can't get it herself? It's right here!

  39. When he said "Next time you're looking for directions, I suggest you find your own way", it feels like he was reminding himself of how lost he was once but now he's ready to walk his own path. Not as the Balladeer who was desperate to be god or Kunikuzushi who was heartbroken after being forsaken by the Shogun. He is now simply The Wanderer. =:-*

  40. Lets be honest- Ian and Sigils are an awesome team- they make up like two of the brain cells out of the three that the group gets when they put their brain cells together. >:-O

  41. All Subscribers to this channel get FUTUXAREs under their tree.

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