Create a Chess Piece in Blender – very easy exercise for beginners

This is a simple exercise for beginners to practice smooth and flat shading techniques and also get to grips with basic modelling.

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Part 2 –

Learn the basics with this playlist:



Sketchfab :


  1. Can't u mention the name blender in the title

  2. Instructions unclear, incest porn stuck in blender

  3. Ok thanks @Grantt it helped me for my project😊

  4. Its much more easier with Spin tool…

  5. First thing I ever did with blender. Mine were considerably more square xD. I only knew E and g.

  6. Your tutorials are great, you put a lot of work into this. I hope you get a lot more subscribers or anything that's beneficial for you. Thanks for everything.

  7. Александр Герасимов says:

    When you turn ngon into one point, you create triangles. Unwise to do so if you plan on using subdivision mod afterwards. Maybe grid fill followed by proportional editing would serve this purpose better?

  8. +Grant Abbitt , Hello could you make a video explaining how to combine diferentes animations. I have character and I have a separeted animation that I downloaded , so I would like to join multiple animations to my character. Thank you for sharing your knowledge

  9. You're mentioning following along in this "course", where should one start? thank you.

  10. "Just be careful how you spell pawn"… lol! Fun fact: auto generated captions actually spell it the other way.

  11. You need to add a note in your video that TAB is no longer a switch into edit mode in Blender 2.8 😉 there is already a Ticket for this on but it is not sure if they want to enable Tab to toggle edit mode.

  12. At 4:00 you could also just select the edges and then choose merge>at center

  13. Спасибо за урок 🙂

  14. Btw, to create a point in the middle of ngon like that, there is a 'poke face' command, alt+p if i am not mistaken. Good stuff on your channel, thank you.

  15. Hi Grant, sometimes I end up with two pieces, but don't realize it until i tried to mark them sharp or re-scale accordingly, does it have to do with extruding?

  16. Thank u again Grant!! U are the best. One question, I found an interesting modality (Shift + F), it is like first person camera, i think it can be usefull, but what is it?

  17. i actually spelt pawn wrong the first time i did this tut right in front of my mom , thank god she dint notice and was on her phone

  18. Please make new tutorials in Blender 2.8!

  19. I accidentaly spelled Prawn, now my chess is shellfish themed

  20. Is the process for learning the same for 2.8? I notice your menu is different.

  21. Where can I see the remove doubles option in blender 2.8 version??

  22. I really enjoyed doing this lesson in spite of it being a version < 2.81. The remove doubles has changed as well as the background image setup. With what I have learned from you and a few quick googles I was able to work around these minor differences.
    I should mention that I was able to complete the top of the pawn I didn't like the result so I cut it off and replaced it with a UV sphere.
    Also that is not a spot light. It is a texture gradient for the background from another tutorial that I stumbled upon.

  23. Can you please teach us how to make praying beeds please?

  24. Thank you so much for everything you are really good at!

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