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  1. Frank would be 1000 if he had better time management.

  2. frank, you need better time management. you overthink way too much, sometimes on moves that aren’t that good, but apart from that you aren’t bad, just keep training for 900 elo.

  3. 34:17 don't know how you missed that, there were also a couple of other blunders in this stream too. Maybe you were a bit turned off today? You do seem a bit tired, hope you having a cheeky good day my friend take some rest

  4. If Frank could manage the clock well, he would be def 1000. Time isn’t cheeky!

  5. You don't deserve to go any higher until you learn to improve your time management. It would be sufficient to just not waste time on obvious moves like forced or wanted trades, simple checks, opening moves etc…

  6. Keep going on frank, you will eventually get to a 1000 ELO!

  7. Two points of ELO down after this nonsense. And 2000 viewers have walked out…

  8. You should try the EGG opening Levy made a vid about it i play it at 1100 ELO and IT works pretty well

  9. if frank didnt waste time on the arrows on the last game he probably wouldve won, but that's alright keep going frank!!
    (btw you can hold ctrl for red arrows)

  10. typical frank, mindlessly clicking for 20 seconds then whining about how his position is bad for 10 seconds before making a shitty move, this idiot never learns

  11. Frank over exaggerates his draws when he doesn’t even realize he could check someone by moving a single square.

  12. Imagine taking 75 seconds on move 2 (and deciding to draw random coloured arrowd instead) and then running out of time to deliver an easy checkmate 😂😂😂

  13. Bruh, you read our comments but you never listen to us with ur time managements, you always play 10 minute games not 15.

  14. Frank you should start practicing on your own or doing lessons then do a live stream

  15. Frank whenever the opponent plays an opening that is not the fried liver: "what on earth is this opening, it makes no sense"

  16. Again frank blunders because he can't resist clicking his pieces like a maniac.

  17. I have a couple chess puzzles for you that can change your whole outlook on how pieces work together.
    You all know my name is d_H-12345….. if you haven't filled in the blanks you haven't read a single comment ever.

  18. Game one he did more than win a pawn he weakened your king sisd.pawn structure to the point A baby could knock the king out lol
    You have 2 rooks ….. use them man
    Game 2 tou face the power of.the 2 knights opener lol….. facing this opener smart trades or sacs are important. . . 4 knights position is a staple opener for a reason man. It employs lots of strats and threats. Gotta keep your position solidified and positional awareness sharp. I knew that was a loss when I seem you were so unsure. You are best to use good pawn movement at the start by recognizing that they are gonna 2 knights open. Or use a smarter 4 knights position
    Game 3 skewer your own bishop with the rook for.a check or a smart piece take. Sorry. Just sharing what I learn
    Never trying to pretend im.better than anyone

  19. They say you dint wanna trade when your down but positional advantage needs to be considered. Calculate a little more . Being down a piece that Stull keeps the points even cam still be advantageous….
    I really want to share some of these puzzles with you. No hint puzzles . Gotta think your way through them man

  20. If you don't understand the opening you aren't thinking about the games you play Frankamd don't change the color of.ypur cheating arrows

  21. Last comment. You say they seen what I was trying to do an awful lot. Because your making one thought moves. That's fine for defence but not attack
    My important comments and offer has been deleted

  22. Question: when do you think frank will become 900 (my estimate 4 months)

  23. Frank you get mated at least one time in almost every stream recently with the same Knight+Queen mating pattern.
    Please include searching for enemies attack against your totally unaware king in your thought process while searching for moves.

    Try organizing your thoughts, while searching moves, for example:
    1) can i recognize any attaking pattern against my king? If YES, do i need to prevent it? how can prevent it?

    2) do i have hanging pieces? If YES, how can i defend them safely or move them to safer squares?
    3) does the opponent have hanging pieces? If YES, would be beneficial to capture them?
    4) do i have undeveloped pieces? if YES how can i develop them safely?

    5) do i have trapped pieces? if YES how can move them to more active square safely?

    6) can i recognize any attaking pattern against the enemy king? If YES, how can execute it? If NO, how can i safely bring more attacking pieces toward the enemy king?
    7) do i have obvious weaknesses in my position? If YES how can i consolidate them?
    8) does the enemy have obvious weaknesses? If YES how can i exploit them?
    9) do i have a strategic plan? If NO, given 2 or 3 free consecutive moves, what should i do in my position? how could my opponent stop it?

    10) does my opponent have a strategic plan? If NO given 2 or 3 free consecutive moves, what should he do in my position? Do i need to prevent it? How can i do that?
    11) look for captures, attacks
    12) look for quiet moves, like gaining of space, defence, pawn structure consolidation, king safety

    999) Say something cheeky!

    Theese key points should allow any player to find a very small number of candidate moves, once you have them, you calculate variations and choose the move to make.

    I know it may appears as cumbersome as a elephant on rollerblades, but it seems to work (at least for me) once you are off the opening theory.
    Bye Frank, i want you to improve 🙂

    Only GM's should reach point 999 😛

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