Comparison: What if You Played Chess Every Day


The game of chess is loved all over the world. From all around the world, people gather in living rooms, pubs, plazas, and libraries to match wits over the cherished checkered board.
Why is it that people are willing to devote such time to the game? It’s undoubtedly the fact that chess involves an intense intellectual challenge that’s very good for the health of your mind.
Keep watching to find out what would happen to you if you kept playing chess everyday

This probability comparison/comparison video is based on relevant sources and community discussions. All numbers and facts listed might not be up to date, valid, or in any specific order.


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  1. you literally just made most of this up

  2. I straight up grinded for 1year and just suddenly forgot how to play💀💀

  3. Am I a defect cause I play everyday and got to see no symptoms

  4. I have been playing chess every day for several months and have not experienced most of these positive effects.

  5. Improves schizophrenia you say? Looks like this is going to be a me thing 😃

  6. We will subscribe after 23 days play chess

  7. No matter if you want to give up, just keep moving.

  8. I started playing a month ago and now my elo is 580

  9. After five days: you break your phone in anger
    After 10: you become addicted
    After 15 days: you try to quit chess
    After 20 days: you damage your brain

  10. This is legit just the benefits, not a time scale. Kys.

  11. what elevates creativity?? chess GM only play chess! they are not creatively innovated anything!

  12. Bro i just start for 76 days now im 784 elo

  13. Chess puzzles are hard asf for me idk about others

  14. I started playing chess so
    After 6 months i will come back to like this video

  15. i think it somewhat correct but it all depends on how they play online or real life trust me how they start changes how they end.

  16. I dont play chess but have like 90% of these ( i play checkers)

  17. great now I have schizophrenia after 9 months of chess

  18. After day 10, you start rage quitting the game and smashing tabletops.

  19. Just leads to waste of life nothing more nothing less.. That's all

  20. Nah it takes more than 3 years to be a chess gm

  21. It’s been 2months dat I m playing chess every single day and now I m relly stressful but I m still dumb

  22. Day 2 depression, demotivation, hopelessness, stress and a horrible sleep cycle.

  23. Lol I’ve been playing chess everyday for almost a year and yet I still suck at it 😂. That’s why I took a long break from it.

  24. As a chess player who is an introvert and has been playing for a long time..I can confirm that it has no affects on your social life or raising intelligence

  25. I have been playing chess everyday and this didnt happen

  26. I started playing chess on feb 3 2023 u really sint play that much like 4 months but since i really didn't have any thing that cam entertain me i played it for a week and got to 800 elo

  27. Raise iq my ass chess doesn’t raise your iq it’s just a hard game that’s pretty fun once you start getting into it

  28. Bro I’ve been playing for years and none of those things have happened to me

  29. I mean, it’s an amazing vid, it’s just, is most players I know, I haven’t seen these things hapoen

  30. Year 287 of playing chess – I have memorized every possible move on the board and I know what is the best move to checkmate the opponent

  31. "chess teaches the virtue of patience"
    me after giving a stalemate in winning position
    "oh f*** he is a son of a mother f***
    my brain is a piece of sh**"

  32. This game will ruin your life .This game leads to fantasical thoughts and can't get better in real life,I stopped playing this game

  33. Not true I quit chess and now LETS LIVE LIFE

  34. As a chess player playing chess everyday for 4 years nothing happend

  35. I started chess in 5 quited in 11 now i am 12 and i want to become gm

  36. Gee, im glad we dont forget to subscribe!

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