Chill Winter Night Chess Practice Ambience (4K) | chess sounds, crackling fire, page turning

Welcome to a new winter chess ambience! I so enjoyed making the last one and wanted to do another in a new season. So here we rejoin our novice, who is flipping through books on chess strategy and practicing scenarios while enjoying a cup of tea in a cozy winter bedroom. It’s a chill night, the fire is crackling softly in the wood stove, and the lanterns are lighting the board as the chess practice begins. I hope you enjoy a lovely winter night in.

✨♖✨ Spring Chess Practice:


Tea steam and fire: Free Stock Video Footage by

This video was made with the use of Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and Premiere Pro, and the sounds were mixed with Adobe Audition. The audio and visual materials were either created by the channel owner or have the appropriate license/permission for use.

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  1. I think I need to learn how to play chess now so I can sit here! 😊 so cozy

  2. Such a dreamy view outside the window. A place to spend such peaceful and wonderful winter evenings! Just a "checkmate" to the anxiety of pure relaxation 🙂 ❄️✨

  3. This is the perfect place to play chess and relax! I can already imagine myself standing by the fireplace and enjoying the warm atmosphere of this super cozy bedroom. 😊❤

  4. Oooh, I love sparkling stars in the backgrounds! They look like diamonds 💎 Very beautiful scene, so calming 😴💜

  5. Wonderful chill winter night ambience. Enjoyed this so much. Nice sharing my friend.

  6. What a view in the room. Full of stars. I have to go now as I am going to get back to my books on chess strategy. Haha. I really enjoyed this. Have an amazing day.

  7. Beautiful scenery with calming fire sound my friend, so cosy, a pleasure to be here to enjoy your work. Big like.❤

  8. Lovely ambiance mate, great work!
    Have a nice weekend!💕

  9. This chess prodigy has been practicing since spring of last year. I hope they're making progress in their chess career.

    EDIT: Well, maybe I shouldn't say "prodigy." But it doesn't matter. Chess is for everyone. Even those of us who don't know how to play. We can enjoy the fancy shapes and colors.

  10. So cozy! Love the unique mixture of the sounds ☺☺

  11. Lovely relaxing sounds. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Hello Eyrie, this is so calming and such a needed vibe that you've shared with us here.
    I'm amazed to be here listening

  13. Fabulous Shares New Friend💎💛🫶✨🤍💫💎💛🫶

  14. Awesome! Thank you for this video, my friend 💛💛

  15. As peaceful as it can be… my mind instantly reacts and reaches a place where it wants to be… thank you 🙏🌹

  16. Изумительно, реально супер пупер гениально!!!👍💯

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