Chess Visualizing: How To Remember Squares

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I get asked frequently to make a video about visualization in chess and identifying the squares, so I made a video for chess strategy for beginners and intermediate players on how to visualize during a game.

0:00 Intro

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  1. I was hoping that you were going to go over how to visualize chess openings. Because the masters can visualize sometimes 20 moves deep. I'd just like to visualize 8 moves deep. LOL

  2. And here i thought u were gonna teach me how to run games in my head… I mean..
    I do it everynight while i sleep and also wake up processing positions and openings… Chess is hard man lol

  3. Basically what any player at any level does intuitively I guess. Just without knowing the names (a5 for example) of the squares.

  4. Why the rook only controls 14 squares but not 16?

  5. You're the first person I know who thinks White's perspective to be wonky, when it's actually the most natural, with the numbers based on descriptive notation and the letters based on alphabetical order from left to right.

  6. thank you learned so much

  7. Bro you are why I can play chess. Without you I would not be as in to it as I am now! You are super cool!

  8. 3:30 just realized after so many chess videos…
    I Never thought about Controlling empty squares over trying to Control the squares that have enemy pieces occupying them or
    Controlling the battlefield before the war starts.
    Not sure why but i never thought about empty squares in the right way until it was worded how you did in this video.

  9. Demetrius Demarcus Bartholomew James III Jr. says:

    Too simple

  10. 10:00 took me AGES to figure out WHY "the rook is never going to take" I've noticed you do this a lot in your summaries, I wish you would finish the sentences for beginners "…because the king will take back" etc!
    Haha 17:38 "…because the Bishop will take it", interesting at 17:52 you DID say "… because the Queen will take it"

  11. Great video there Gotham. Learnt something

  12. a gem thank you for the patient teaching.

  13. thank you very much i hope i can give more than 1 like to this

  14. For 14:11 I said d1, because although it is not a square of importance right now it has 4 pieces controlling it, both rooks the queen and the knight on e3

  15. 14:20 false, c1 is controlled by the two rooks, a knight and the queen! thats four

  16. a lot of clubplayers will not notice if you set up a chessboard incorrect. They will just start playing even if a1 is white on the left side. Now I notice if a chessboard is set up incorrect in a movie within a second. I have seen club players discover after 5 moves that the board was set up wrong and had to play on. Board had no coordinates.

  17. Visualization also dictates that you have to place the queen on the same color as the opponents king. This increases the number of checks.

  18. Aren't there 7 paths to capture the queen? the 4th is knight to h5, g3, h1, f2, d1, b2? 5th is from d1 to e3, 6th and 7th are f5, g3, h1, f2, d1, b2/e3 or did I miss something?

    edit: oh he explained them later

  19. This guy is a phenomenal teacher! I’ve learnt so much from him

  20. Hey Levy, I have been watching your videos in the past year and falling in love with chess. Now I'm going back to work on my fundamentals (at the age of 31 haha). Though at 14:30 you speak about which is the most attacked sq by white on the board and I believe it's actually this it will be d1 (If I got the sq counting correct)

  21. If anyone finds this comment by miracle how can i stop hanging i pieces while doing well in bullet

  22. A long long time ago before phones went smart when I sat at the toilet, I choose two random tiles on the wall and figured out the shortest way in terms of horsemoves. CHILDHOOD!

  23. I have been playing chess from past 2-3 yrs, not that serious about it thou.. But can you explain why memorizing square names necessary

  24. Actually it was D1, controlled by both rooks, the queen plus a knight.

  25. this video is greatly helpful my moves are better now tnx

  26. Thank u so much Levy for making this video , I am a beginner and it was really helpful and thanks for giving the option to download the video😊😊😁😁❤❤

  27. The mandatory requirement is practice. Many people think that they have to be born able to visualize.

  28. 14:35 technically wouldnt it be d1, queen, both the rooks and the knight cover it?? since he said the most, not specifying centre or effective square etc.

  29. ummm no sir, white controls c1 and d1 the most.

  30. Too Cool, MR. Levi… you make learning fun and effective… you bad ass…

  31. 13:56 Am I stupid or is the correct answer d1: 2 Rooks, 1 Queen and 1 Knight

  32. Chess visualization would be much easier if the coordinates didn't have the letters. For example e-4 would be 5-4, a-1 would be 1-1 and so on. Remembering where efgh is is so much less intuitive than just remembering 1-8.

  33. This was definitely a good intro to visualisation. I couldn't see that checkmate pattern and when he showed it I was like….damn that's creative

  34. I tried to visualize at home making my room tiles as chess board 🙃 It was amazing 😅

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