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In this video, IM Andrey Ostrovskiy is continuing the series on how to improve your chess visualization skills. This time, Andrey tests your visualization abilities with other interesting exercises where he is going through a given positions from a master games. The goal of this exercise is to calculate and visualize the best moves for white. Make sure to watch the video to the end where a bonus exercise is waiting for you!

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  1. Should I be looking at the board and imagine the moves or try to imagine the whole thing without looking? (Iโ€™m 1500 lichess Elo)

  2. White is winning because the h1 queen covers the a8 promotion square for the white queen,so after kb6 black can play queen a8 and win easily

  3. h3, a6, h2, a7, h1=Q, a8=Q+, Ke5, Qxh1 โ€” gg 1-0

    I get the most value from the bonus round.. maybe even a whole video using them? They are great thanks

  4. Video idea: you guys could give a chess guide for 1400+ or 1600+ players by playing against 1400-1600 rated players on lichess livestream….

  5. black to move and win h3 a6 h2 a7 h1=Q a8=Q+ Kd4 Qxh1 Kxc5

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