Chess Training: Learning HOW to Read the Chess Board

Learning to read the Chessboard of Grandmasters is one of the most powerful ways to improve your chess game. Here I analyze an Aron Nimzovich game which step by step shows why bishops can be so very strong!


  1. Hey ByP,
    just wanted to leave a comment to tell you that i really enjoy watching your videos.
    analysing GM-games is much more fun when its presented by you, event though i have to laugh at some of your mistakes. but your cool presentation makes me forget about that immediately!! ๐Ÿ™‚
    also its fun to compare your newer stuff with your older vids. really good to see how much your understanding of the game has improved in the last year!
    keep up the great work!!!!
    greez from Germany!

  2. Whaaaaaaa? The shirt is ugly?! Oh my whatever can I do now? LOL! Yeah well, O.K., I shall watch what I wear. I wonder if I ever do a chess video in drag? GRIN! I did that once for Halloween. Hey don't laugh man, I make a gorgeous woman! LOL!

  3. Study a lot of games and play a lot of games. Lose a lot of games, and you begin to win a lot of games.

  4. I definitely like the video and the guy! I think there's more to be said for the tactical setup and potential-packed piece placement than the big strategical lines, though. Notice how, with a couple of queen moves Nimzowitsch has set up a potential disovered attack on an undefended queen, attacked the stray black pawn, protected his own stray pawn AND provoked a dark square weakness in the bishop-less king's fortress where his own dark bishop is conveniently pointing. 14:40 – If Kxf7, then e6+.

  5. Well I love the shirt. And it's one of the few videos I fully understood. Subbed.

  6. Do you have a list of your videos anywhere, so we could watch them in order? Or doesn't the order matter? Thanks.

  7. 14:50 Why will is all over if king takes bishop?

  8. Do you have some Czeckoslovakian in you Mr. Shirts?

  9. Really useful/informative video, and fuck whatever that guy says. That shirt is wicked. Peaceeee

  10. Thanks. I really like your teaching style. You work at a pace that is really suitable for me. I have watched quite a few videos on youtube but I have learned more from these 22 minutes than I have from many others.
    Oh, and I like the shirt ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. Thanks for the great commentary. I really enjoyed this. Do you have any interests in real-time strategy? Would love to see your style applied to Starcraft 2 games.

  12. Wait a minute. Why doesn't black take the sacrificed bishop on f7. You need to explain that professor or else it just looks like your b s ing your way through the game.

  13. Hello Backyard Professor,
    ย  ย  Thanks for this video. This video in particular, I believe, improved my chess game the most. I like this one a lot because the scenery resembles New Mexico plus its a fantastic video. I can't wait to see you get to your desired destination of Mastery level at chess. I am following along with you and I am also aiming at that same destination. Much respect from the Southwest.ย 

  14. That was superb.thankyou.especially the explanation at the end had black not resigned.

  15. Thank you so much for this video! I love all your videos. "Gilb (is that his name?) doesn't have a prayer.' LOL!

    You're so funny! I'd love to meet you one day, if only for an hour. You're pretty smart for a Texan! XD

    Hahaha, cus there's always racist jokes about Texans bein' slow. Not sayin' you're from Texas either hahaha. I don't know where you're from. =)

  16. Rest in peace professor. Hope you are still wearing crazy shirts in heaven.

  17. I love the shirt. I want that shirt. That is the shirt you want to be wearing if you're ever lost at sea.

  18. We need more Knights in shining armor on the board!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. Oh yea and we need more bishops too! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. i saw instead of QxR Qb6+ Ke8, Re1+ winning the Queen?

  21. i would like to know where you get your books, because they all have spiral backing?

  22. Never knew Heisenberg used to teach Chess besides cooking meth

  23. Wow what a brilliant lesson. I'm just gutted I found this video so wait

  24. You video is very very instructive and you put some tidbits to keep the viewers interest. I really appreciate your style; it shows that you really enjoy the strategy and tactics of the game. yea !hotrods!

  25. This game was super-duper instructive

  26. Terry, I love your reviews of master's games. This was so instructive and entertaining. I really wish you would continue.

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