Chess Tactics: The 7 Signals, Practical Training Continued!

International Master Squarology continues his series on putting the ‘7 Signals of Tactical Recognition’ to use by solving puzzles on!

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  1. you've no idea how happy I am that squarology is back! hoping to see some 5 or 10 minute games in the future too!

  2. IM Daniel Tapia (aka Squarology) is back with more helpful tips and advice!

  3. you going to cry?  thanks for the vid. was good

  4. Shorten the video by one second and reupload? 😉

  5. really love these. keep it up Daniel, you're the man.

  6. I admit I sounded like a little b* in this video but in my defence this was years ago and I wouldn't do that now.

  7. In that last puzzle, what's wrong with Bg7 after Qxg6? After Nh5 you'd still have Qh6 right?

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