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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov answers one of the most common questions asked by his students, which is – how to train chess effectively? How should you study chess so that you don’t get stuck at the same level, but keep progressing gradually?

That is exactly what you will learn from this lesson. GM Smirnov shares with you a 30-minute chess training plan which focuses on 3 methods of training. Studying chess for just 30 minutes daily on these 3 methods will give you significant results. This will help you reach the 2000 ELO rating faster! You will also know how to train if you have less or more time available in a day.

► Chapters

00:00 How to train chess effectively & improve faster?
00:26 Chess Study Plan: 1) Tactics Training
02:51 Practice Puzzle: Can you find the win?
02:57 Chess Study Plan: 2) Play & Analyze
04:08 Analyzing your chess game with engine
06:36 Training Plan: 3) Study chess (openings)
08:18 Studying positional concepts in chess
09:00 Chess Training Plan for 30 minutes per day
10:00 Training Plan if you have more time available

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  1. Can you explain IN DETAIL how to start engine and load and analyze please

  2. I can give 6 hours to chess can you gave me a study plan i am 1527 in rapid

  3. I'd start with the quiet move g6. Black can take the Bishop on c4, but that does not help! After Rh8+ Kxh8 and Qh8+ or h5+ there is nothing to do against the threat Qh7#

  4. Qh5 is the solution. You threaten mate in 1 move and the bishop can not take your queen because of the pin to the king.If he takes our bishop, then g6 and Qh8# is unstoppable

  5. Lmao no 2300 is gonna fall for the old benoni trap… 1900 lichess tops..

  6. I want know best books to learn chess at intermediate and advanced level

  7. As a 400 player, I appreciate how you believe this can get me to 2000.

  8. Puzzle at 2:52 Rh8 Kxh8 Qh1 Kg8 g6 and they can’t stop mate

  9. Like or Dislike: Like. Thank you for this useful, practical improvement guide.

  10. I've been searching for something like this for ages, there's only a few chess streamers /youtubers that talk about a study plan

  11. This video is very helpful, thanks for being the most educational chess youtuber!

  12. ► Chapters​

    00:00 How to train chess effectively & improve faster?
    00:26 Chess Study Plan: 1) Tactics Training
    02:51 Practice Puzzle: Can you find the win?
    02:57 Chess Study Plan: 2) Play & Analyze
    04:08 Analyzing your chess game with engine
    06:36 Training Plan: 3) Study chess (openings)
    08:18 Studying positional concepts in chess
    09:00 Chess Training Plan for 30 minutes per day
    10:00 Training Plan if you have more time available

  13. g6 if he doesnt take we take the bishop (with the pawn) with check but if he takes our bishop we will play rh8+ kxh8 qh1 kg8 qh7#

  14. Qh5 wins on the spot , the line goes Qh5 , Bxc4 ; g6 and Black is defenseless against Qh8 mate 🤝🏿 . Nice tactical drill indeed 👍🏽

  15. for the puzzle rh8 check king takes quenn h1 check kingg8 g6 and you can't prevent mate

  16. 1. Qh5 (threatening Qh8#) (the Black Bishop is pinned and cannot take the Queen)
    1. …Bxc4
    2. g6 (renewing the threat of Qh8#) (Black can no longer avoid mate)

    Some people in the comments suggested to sac the Rook on h8.
    1. Rh8+
    1. …Kxh8
    2. Qh1+
    2. …Kg8
    3. g6 (threatening Qh7#)
    The problem is that the Black Rook can move from f8 to e.g. b8, creating an escape route for the Black King via f8 and e7. Now White is down a full Rook and probably losing.

  17. Thank you for a great video!
    I feel like actually getting better at something is often very counterintuitive.
    We are tempted to just use intuition and repeat something we already did many times without growing new habits.

  18. Some comments as a low elo player, and all of these are not sarcastic, Im just being honest. The warm up, as a low elo player I can spend five minutes on one puzzle, which is ok that is just how it is sometimes. At 5:36 you talk about the pawn structure, and honestly, as a new chess player looking at lichess, analyzing my game how am I supposed to know that? For me this gets exacerbated studying openings because lets say I want to study a line of the london or maybe the hippo (dont judge lol) lichess doesn’t seem to understand that Im following a specific line so it just keeps dinging me with inaccuracies. As a new elo player it feels like the analysis part is where I fail over and over.
    Thank you for all your videos by the way.

  19. I can't get past 300 rating and you're talking about 2000

  20. To me, most people lose bcos they don’t have a game plan!
    They just blindly move and adjust without a goal.
    Yes, learning taps is not the way to play chess but it does give u a goal of some sort.
    I went from 1500 to 2030 just by setting up traps, don’t work all the time but at least I have some to work towards.

  21. Rh8+ Kxh8
    Qh1+ Kg8
    g6 Re8
    Qh7+ Kf8
    Qh8+ Ke7 black escapes
    Doesn't work.

    How about this?
    Qh5 Re8
    That seems to work…
    Edit: it does unless black moves the bishop instead of the rook, as I saw in other posts.

  22. Queen g6 bishop cannot take queen because it is pinned by white bishop. Even if black plays pawn g6, queen h8 is checkmate

  23. What are some good resources for studying openings?

  24. I think the solution for 2:52 is Qh5, because the black bishop is pinned, and then if the bishop takes your bishop, you play pawn g6, and then checkmate black on the next move with Queen h7 or h8, I haven't found a more forcing move except sacrificing your rook, but that doesn't end up with a checkmate, it just looks like a blunder. (Edit: it ends up winning a queen, but I don't know if that's the solution?)

  25. I think Chessdojo would disagree a bit about how you go about implementing steps 2 and 3(not that I speak for them). For example, David would say to not use an engine, especially if you haven't first analyzed your game with the engine between your ears first. He compares using an engine to using a drug.

    Jesse would say to not focus so much on openings and instead focus on following good principles because those tend to transfer over to middle and end games. He even did a video covering beginner games where players were able to play almost GM-level moves in the opening just by adhering to those principles even knowing nothing about the opening played.

  26. I really suck at chess but have gotten better recently from practicing. I’m digging the channel thanks for keeping things moving and easy to understand. The content has helped!

  27. love from india❤ i am learning chess and English also 😊

  28. Solved it while laughing really hard at "tease your little sister"! A teacher with wit is a rare find.

  29. Is it just my imagination? Or do you have to normally have to play a few warm-up games, before you start to win at chess? I can't seem to win any chess games until my brain warms up. 😱🤣🤣

  30. For the puzzle. I would play Queen H5. Black cannot take the queen because the bishop is pinned, then bishop takes bishops on C4. next White pushes up the g pawn to G6 followed by unblockable checkmate for white as any move Black does in this position does not save the position.
    I think theres many variations where the first move white could play is to push the g pawn immediately or even sac the rook but QH5 is what I chose.

  31. "The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same." *Colin R. Davis

  32. Rh8+ Kxh8
    Qh1+ Kg8
    Bishop can't take because of tne pin an White will checkmate with Qh7# no matter what black plays

  33. Could you please tell me where and how can i learn opeanings?

  34. What site is best free site to be able to use the engine to analyze your games?

  35. My approach, which may seem counterintuitive, was to play less chess. I was playing 15-20 games a day, just going on to the next one and the next one. Now I play just 5 or 6 and spend time going over them looking for weaknesses.

  36. Good evening i found one minute to slove the puzzle Qh5 its amazing because the bishop was pin. and blacks gready to take the bishop on C3, G pawn push Qh8 is mate☺️❤🤗.

  37. im always enjoy to watch your videos <3 thank you so much

  38. Plan: I'm gonna study everyday 30 mins straight, concentrated.
    Reality: has it been 2 hours on YouTube already? Man…

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