Chess-Steps | Dutch chess training program | Best method for adult chess improvers | Part 2

Learn how to use the chess steps method.

The Chess-Steps was developed by two Dutch chess International Masters. It was supported by the Dutch Chess Federation and refined over more than 3 decades to produce amazing results – the Netherlands is a small country of 17 million people and yet has 56 players rated over 2400 – thanks to Chess-Steps.

Chess-Steps has helped me immensely on my chess improvement journey and I hope you consider it as well!

Additional Resources:

Chess-Steps website:

Downloadable Chess Tutor software available through Shredder Chess:

Discussion of Chess-Steps by NM Han Schut on the Perpetual Chess Podcast @perpetualchesspodcast9143 :

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  1. Thanks for the review and research. I wonder how they compare to Yusupov Training Series? Yusupov Training Series are available in Chesstempo format. It would be nice if Chess-Steps would also be available on Chesstempo or Chessable.

  2. Hello again! Thanks for sharing this. I'm a bit confused about what to order. I would like to start at step 1 even though I don't need to. So, should I order the step 1 manual, workbook, and workbook plus? Complete those and then repeat with step 2 and so on?

  3. Thanks a lot for these videos. I’ve played chess off and on since I was a kid, but mostly just solving chess puzzles and actually playing very sporadically. Recently I decided to get more serious about chess and started taking some Chessable courses. The courses are good and Chessable is a great platform but I’m like you, I need structure. The Steps Method has come across my radar a few times listening to podcast like Perpetual Chess, The Chess Angle and Chess Journeys. It sounded like it would be perfect for me, laying out a clear cut, step by step, learning program. Your videos have finally convinced me. Just ordered all of Step 1 and the Chess Tutor. Looking forward to it. Again, thank you for making these videos.

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