Chess Puzzles to Practice. Themes: Kingside attack, Crushing, Long puzzle. Learn Chess

Chess puzzles to help you practice and improve at chess. Enhance your chess strategy and sharpen your tactical skills with this chess puzzle video! Perfect for beginners and advanced players alike, this video features a series of challenging chess puzzles designed to improve your game. Watch through each puzzle step-by-step, providing insightful tips and techniques to help you think like a grandmaster. Whether you’re preparing for a tournament or just love the game, our chess puzzle video is the ultimate tool to elevate your chess abilities. Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe for more high-quality chess content!
Puzzle 1
• Kingside attack: An attack of the opponent’s king, after they castled on the king side.
• Crushing: Spot the opponent blunder to obtain a crushing advantage. (eval ≥ 600cp)
• Long puzzle: Three moves to win.
Puzzle 2
• Advantage: Seize your chance to get a decisive advantage. (200cp ≤ eval ≤ 600cp)
• Endgame: A tactic during the last phase of the game.
• Fork: A move where the moved piece attacks two opponent pieces at once.
Puzzle 3
• Pin: A tactic involving pins, where a piece is unable to move without revealing an attack on a higher value piece.
• Short puzzle: Two moves to win.
• Crushing: Spot the opponent blunder to obtain a crushing advantage. (eval ≥ 600cp)
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• A chess puzzle is a chess-related problem that can be solved using the knowledge of the pieces and rules of chess. The goal is to find a series of best moves in a specific chess position.
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