Chess Position Practice #1: Candidate Moves

This video series will focus on analyzing chess positions, and generating candidate move orders from the position without moving the pieces or using computer analysis. The goal is to improve the ability to generate lines and variations mentally during a game, and to try to come up with a move that either maintains equality on the board, or paves the way for a slight positional edge.

I recommend pausing the video at the appropriate time and generating your own candidate moves. If this is something new you are working on improving, it’s recommended that you write down your lines and over time you will be able to do this all in your head during a match.


  1. He is amazing, does anyone know about his whereabouts?

  2. Thanks for the comment tomonated! I want to emphasize the position and less on the overall game for this particular series to work on improving the creation of candidate moves.

    I am hopeful that by looking back at this series (as new ones come out) it will leave a vlog of sorts in which improvements in overall thought process can be seen and weaknesses pinpointed.

  3. Thanks for checking out the vid and commenting ChessTheBlitzer!

  4. your bishop c8 try simply loses straight away to white pushing pawn to b5 winning the knight on e7.

    for me this threat is the most important thing i saw about the position so black's next move must be something that deals with this threat.

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