Chess Master vs Beginner | Explained

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This Chess Video shows a Master vs Beginner Level Chessplayer. The Game is educational and you can learn how to get better. Subscribe 🙂


  1. 4:36
    This tactic is called the windmill. It allows you to destroy the 7th rank as the king is constantly in check. Constantly moving the rook so that the Bishop sees the king is a genius strategy to implement.

  2. I trust chess page, one more than my family

  3. Chess master commentator vs my heavy eyeballs

  4. This video teaches me to always look for a better move

  5. Bro wrkng Password i Tried both : JOINMYTG , UPDQTE

  6. This guy is helpful and hilarious at the same time

  7. I do very good in the opening but do horrible in the opening

  8. I do very good in the middle game but horrible in the opening

  9. Man I know you are doing the school but please don’t kill this channel 😢

  10. "oh how the turns have tabled" – clumsy ai

  11. Why just not move the bishop to G5 for checkmate on the first game?

  12. Hey don't you think at 2:30 we can take with queen and pin the knight if it comes to c6

  13. 703 is considered beginner while i struggle to break 400.

  14. IM CALLING OUT THIS RATING A FRAUD!!!! you've already missed a tactic at 2:42 castling is wrong. Best move Bb5+ is better.

  15. You Are so Funny. Love your Videos. Keep it up man. They Are – besides your Humor – very informative

  16. Tbh I never played with strategy or formations I just lost a lot and got pretty good I haven’t played in a while but when I was at my peak I could beat my dad sometimes and any of his friends and in some cases actually besting people in 3 – 5 moves

  17. Your commentary on each video is so fun, I love it keep up the great work!

  18. I watched the video on chess page university after I watched it I checkmated my opponent in 9 moves as white

  19. This video was great, very detailed and explains alot

  20. I want to learn more chess geometry things, whatever it's called like "the red carpet" or "the box"

  21. Have you died post a video. BTW helpful chess lessons

  22. Please do English opening, we need it

  23. 14:22 that aint trading bishops 🤦‍♂️
    Answer meeeeee

    Edit: is the pawn that important that they wont gave it up? Cuz the position of the king would be bad?

  24. Hey bro can you make a video how to play the sicilian?

  25. Can you please make a video about how to think in a game of chess?

  26. 4:58 there is a check mate move that no one saw it ☝️

    With 2 move bishop

  27. This guy funnier than most comedians

  28. this is the best and only way to learn chess quick.. i must break you know eggowafles

  29. 3rd February.. I feel like it's time for a new ChessPage video, wouldn't you agree? 🙃

  30. Dude, can you add the Turkish language option to the subtitle options??

  31. This narration is made by an ai totally, who else thinks this i don't why but the way of explaining chess ideas was very similar to Gotham chess, the way he says plwn not a pawn , all these are red flags for me.

  32. @chesspage1real you may not see this comment but before your channel my elo had dropped from 550 to 300 a huge drop which resulted me in taking a break from chess. Your vids relaunched my dead spirit and i am now 800 elo non stop 16 win streak. Thx bud❤❤❤ your vids r better than Gotham chess

  33. More like ChessPage nONE. where's more content. 1 time a month not going to cut it. You're a legend at explaining things even to a fool like myself. More vids please.

  34. "How the turns have tabled"😂😂 blud said it the opposite way around💀

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