Chess lesson # 19: One Rook and King Checkmate | Basic checkmates the right way | 1 Rook Mate

The Rook and King checkmate is one of the most important endgame patterns to learn. I have seen many players draw games they could have easily won by implementing what national master Robert Ramirez will teach you in this class. If you are ever left with your king and one rook vs your opponent’s lonely king, you will know exactly how to effortlessly win the game.

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Learn how to play Chess the right way from beginner to master level. National Master Robert Ramirez will take you up the pyramid by following a proven Chess training program he has been improving and implementing for over 10 years.

Benefits of Playing Chess:
​- Promotes brain growth
– Increases problem-solving skills
– It exercises both sides of the brain
– Raises your IQ
– Sparks your creativity
– Teaches planning and foresight
– Teaches patience and concentration
– Optimizes memory improvement
– Improves recovery from stroke or disability
– Helps treat ADHD

Chess is an intellectual battle where players are exposed to numerous mental processes such as analysis, attention to detail, synthesis, concentration, planning and foresight. Psychological factors are also present on and off the board; playing Chess stimulates our imagination and creativity. Every single move a player makes is the result of a deep analysis based on the elements presented on the battle field.

Chess in its essence teaches us psychological, sociological and even moral values. In a Chess game, both players start with the same amount of material and time. The fact that the white pieces move first is considered to be practically irrelevant —especially because a player typically plays one game as white and one game as black. Consequently, the final result of the battle solely depends on each player. It doesn’t matter if you win by taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes or by simply avoiding mistakes yourself. Truth is that Chess is an extremely individual sport and our defeats can only be blamed on ourselves and no one else. And this, in the end, only benefits us because we learn to be and feel responsible for our actions and never come up with excuses to justify ourselves.

We also learn that when it comes to our victories on the board, our opponent’s mistakes play a more significant role than our own skills. Let’s not forget that a Chess game without any mistakes would be a draw. This way, Chess provides us with another valuable life lesson: be humble at all times.

About National Master Robert Ramirez:

With an outstanding background as a professional Chess player and over 8 years of teaching experience, Robert Ramirez brings both his passion and his expertise to the board, helping you believe & achieve!

Robert Ramirez was introduced to the fascinating world of Chess when he was 5 years old and has participated in prestigious tournaments such as the World Open Chess Tournament and the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Championships. Thanks to his performance, he has earned his National Master title from the United States Chess Federation.

Currently, NM Ramirez and his carefully selected team teach at several private schools in the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward and they also offers private lessons. He says the key to their success as Chess coaches is their ability to adapt to every student and to make lessons fun and interesting for students and even their family members.


  1. I wanted to practice rook and king checkmate drill but it is locked but I understood it

  2. I was unbale to access the drills as you instructed. It did not take me to checkmate

  3. I am gonna watch the full series! Thankyou for your hardwork Sir!

  4. The best explanation of the rook vs King that i've seen 🙂 I was watching many tutorials but this one is the most simple and easy 😉

  5. The tips are tremendously helping me save time. Thanksss sensei💜

  6. Easily the clearest explanation of this mate I've seen. Once learned, never forgotten! Thank you. Also really enjoying your Pirc lessons.

  7. Ah! Thank you so much for comprehensive explanation in each class videos…I reached video number 19 in 3 days…and followed everything said…now I am confident and defeated opponent with your teachings…I shall continue my class now…thank you once again.

  8. This is so underrated , thanks for making these

  9. Hi,
    What if you are on the other side?

    How do you defend against this

  10. I found these lessons very helpful. After this video i've fully mastered my rook vs king checkmate!

  11. First of all thank you for these instructional videos it helped me a lot, Just 1 Question in these endgames we make a lot of moves and i remembered the 50 moves rule so maybe the game will end in a draw before reaching the checkmate.

  12. the value you gave away for free 😳
    I can't thank you enough 🙏

  13. It is good to learn the basics again. This way of doing it is way easier than how I did it.

  14. These basic checkmates are helping me to end so many games 😀

  15. I was about to ask why did you have to wait for the black king to be in front of your piece and then you go ahead and explain it nice!

  16. I am really enjoying your content (most of these super beginner things are parts I already understand most of, but you add that extra layer from understanding to just autopilot (Like I knew how to get King and rook mate, but it was always a challenge for me to corral the king).

  17. I've been working through the videos a couple at a time and then practicing my game. It's been a great experience. I had a similar position recently that leant itself to these last two videos. The only difference was that my opponent had a single pawn that he kept circling around. I'm so thick headed I couldn't figure out how to fix that mess. After watching these last two videos, I'm convinced that I can figure it out when I get that same position again! Wall of Fire rules!

  18. This is a perfect method, however I think the "shrink the box" method gives you less to think about.

    You should learn both methods but If you can safely shrink the box do it, if not bring the king. That's it. No waiting moves, til the end, far less thinking involved, maybe less moves too. I'll have to check that…

  19. Excellent class, well structured. Thank you!

  20. 7:37 instead of white king from f3 to f2, if we put rook to e2 i thing it is faster to finish the game

  21. Hi
    The link provided in the description doesn't have a drill tab.

  22. Great video, you get straight to the point. I'm here because I blundered this mate in a time scramble with an opponent who knows about king opposition, and he got a draw by repetition. I realized that I didn't know this mate pattern, and I was only winning king and rook vs king because the opponents would trap themselves on the back rank. Time to practice so it never happens again!

  23. Thank you. This one really helps. It gives so much clarity.👍

  24. Can't he just keep going from left to right one move in the middle of the board and back again? And this would get declared a stalemate? I don't see that he has to go to the edge of the board so that your king can catch up with him.

  25. i'm so glad that i watched this video i had very easy end game right now thanks to this video 🙂

  26. I watched a few videos on this, but this one explained it best. I feel like a lot of high rated players don't take the time to explain the reasoning behind things. Thank you!

  27. Your videos are very helpful! You're a great teacher! I don't skip ads as a way of saying Thank You So Much!!!

  28. Alot of draws and fear of sacrificing certain pieces to get wins is now over, thanks alot mate

  29. Thanks so much for the very clear lessons! My 7 year old nailed this after watching your video.

  30. Thank you for this entire course. Putting it up for free is awesome of you. Making this knowledge available to everyone. Good stuff

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