Chess Lesson # 103: Rook vs Bishop Endgame (the right way)

If you ever have Bishop and King against Rook and King, you need to know how to easily make it a draw. It is so easy that we all should be familiar at least with the main ideas. Good news is that after this lesson, you will know exactly what to do. NM Robert Ramirez will teach you everything you need to know and then you will see him play it against a Chess engine. And as a bonus, you will see your coach play a blitz game as he explains the moves and ideas from opening to endgame. Hope you find some value out of this lesson!

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00:00 Intro
02:05 How to defend when you have the Bishop vs Rook
04:29 How to play for a win when you have the Rook vs Bishop
09:38 Summary of Bishop and King vs Rook and King endgame
10:26 ❗️Keep your Bishop far from your opponent’s King
11:31 Defending vs the Engine 💪
16:38 Winning vs the Engine
18:11 Blitz Game (3|2)
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Carlsen’s book (excellent):
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Learn how to play Chess the right way from beginner to master level. National Master Robert Ramirez will take you up the pyramid by following a proven Chess training program he has been improving and implementing for over 10 years.

Benefits of Playing Chess:
​- Promotes brain growth
– Increases problem-solving skills
– It exercises both sides of the brain
– Raises your IQ
– Sparks your creativity
– Teaches planning and foresight
– Teaches patience and concentration
– Optimizes memory improvement
– Improves recovery from stroke or disability
– Helps treat ADHD
Chess is an intellectual battle where players are exposed to numerous mental processes such as analysis, attention to detail, synthesis, concentration, planning and foresight. Psychological factors are also present on and off the board; playing Chess stimulates our imagination and creativity. Every single move a player makes is the result of a deep analysis based on the elements presented on the battlefield.

Chess in its essence teaches us psychological, sociological and even moral values. In a Chess game, both players start with the same amount of material and time. The fact that the white pieces move first is considered to be practically irrelevant —especially because a player typically plays one game as white and one game as black. Consequently, the final result of the battle solely depends on each player. It doesn’t matter if you win by taking advantage of your opponent’s mistakes or by simply avoiding mistakes yourself. Truth is that Chess is an extremely individual sport and our defeats can only be blamed on ourselves and no one else. And this, in the end, only benefits us because we learn to be and feel responsible for our actions and never come up with excuses to justify ourselves.

We also learn that when it comes to our victories on the board, our opponent’s mistakes play a more significant role than our own skills. Let’s not forget that a Chess game without any mistakes would be a draw. This way, Chess provides us with another valuable life lesson: be humble at all times.

About National Master Robert Ramirez:

With an outstanding background as a professional Chess player and over 8 years of teaching experience, Robert Ramirez brings both his passion and his expertise to the board, helping you believe & achieve!

Robert Ramirez was introduced to the fascinating world of Chess when he was 5 years old and has participated in prestigious tournaments such as the World Open Chess Tournament and the Pan American Intercollegiate Team Championships. Thanks to his performance, he has earned his National Master title from the United States Chess Federation.

Currently, NM Ramirez and his carefully selected team teach at several private schools in the counties of Miami-Dade and Broward and they also offer private lessons. He says the key to their success as Chess coaches is their ability to adapt to every student and to make lessons fun and interesting for students and even their family members.


  1. Hey guys! If you were able to defend vs the engine, please let me know here! 💪 Also, like and subscribe to support the channel 🙌😎

  2. Haha I might not be first but when I saw ur notification I came with the Speed of light 😂❤️


  4. Thanks sir it is very helpful!
    And please check out my comment on the last position that you gave us to solve 🙂

  5. After so many years (20? 25?) I re-started to learn chess….thanks to you, teacher Ramirez! You are awesome!

  6. Me: Let me watch random video on YouTube
    Notification: nah u aren't

  7. u r great, pls make a video about why i should counterattack in the queen's side while the king in the opposite side and my king being attacked like the KID for white side or the Sicilian defense positions

  8. The blitz game is very instructive also very common structure i see in my games thx coach

  9. make a video in which u ply with pirc defense

  10. i wonder everytime when i see your blitz games, 3 minutes looks like huge timecontrol. When i play it, it runs like a flash :P.. another instructive video from our coach.. Thank you. Eagerly waiting for next lesson 🙂

  11. You and some other teachers on YT make a diverse and fun chess school here for young and old. Thank you for adding to the knowledge!

  12. Video on knight v bishop endings?

    Especially with multiple (3-4) pawns

  13. sir can u also make a video on queen vs knight endgame

  14. We have to agree that no one can dislike his videos and his lessons. Thanks a lot coach🙏 for doing it. Keep helping people like me ❤️ from India.

  15. was a little difficult at first(never got this in a game ) then got the hang of it and practiced this 2 times:} also reviewed from silmans book. crossed 1400:} 1500 next goal

    exicted for next week

  16. Your comments about many folks not being familiar with the Pirc is spot on. Yesterday watched GM Hikaru and NM Gothamchess rate about 50 openings for beginners (up to 1500). Neither guy seemed to know much about the Pirc and couldn’t distinguish it from the Modern, which IS similar and I also play. They gave it a very solid recommendation as they did with the Reti and London which I also play. The KID and Vienna got their highest rating for beginners…. “Legendary”.


  17. Hello Coach. Very helpful video. Thx for the upload👍🙂

  18. Any chance we get tutorials on the actual best opening: The Bongcloud?

    btw, the blitz games are seriously instructive, thank you so much for this : )

    And yes, I was able to draw against the engine

  19. love this one, apart from the fact that I learned new things, you did a great review of end game principles, I loved spending time studying it this morning thank you very much i will train a lot agaist engine too, its very cool

  20. Playing with the bishop I made it to the 50 move stalemate😃. Playing with the rook ended up with a 50 move stalemate😫. The King did not want to get out if the center no matter what I tried. The bishop kept moving back and forth. I couldn't figure a way to move the King.😮‍💨. Thank you again for a great lesson Robert🤙

  21. Thanks Robert. Another excellent lesson. Also, mixing in some blitz games is very helpful. It’s one thing to hear the KID lessons. It’s another thing to see it in action. Love it!

  22. I am eagerly waiting for you next video with New Opening lines.. I like your way of teaching and easy to follow your lines. Thanks a lot!!!

  23. Thanks Robert. Never seen advice for the attacking side. If I only have a few seconds left which is normally the case. I make sure rook and king are on different colours. Until I get my plan together.

  24. Hello sir ! Thank for making the content on kings indian defence and pirc defence… I need a favour… Can u make content related to vienna games…because i only Play these 2 things .. vienna and pirc…you already provided enough for pirc ..can you also provide content for Vienna like rating climb, and middle game strategies ..i like vieena because its very classical normal looking opening !! Thanks in advance ❤️

  25. Hey Coach, I got some good news and bad news. Bad news is; I can't play blitz chess anymore. I have a heart condition and the adrenalin rush playing blitz is effecting my heart. I can still play classical time controls as this allows me time to remember to keep calm. I won the last three games I played against players rated almost 2k. I just hit 1955 and feel my chess is stronger then ever. So, thank you for your content.
    I thought you might enjoy hearing about my last win. The shortest game I ever played. An 11 move mini. What really surprised me was that it was an opening that I never studied. I just used principles that I learned here on your channel. I took advantage of weak squares in the center, applied pressure on f7, and gave up a pawn to open an attack down the e file.
    1.e4 c5 2.c3 e5 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Qb3 Qe7 5.Nf3 Nxe4 6.0-0 d6 7.Re1 Nf6 8.d4 cxd 9.cxd e4 10.Bg5 Be6 11.Rxe4 …

    Here is my thought process of how the game played out.
    The only thing I know about this opening is that c3 gives me 2 pawns in the center. My opponent played e5 to stop this, but I knew that left d5 as a permanent weakness. Bc4 takes over the light squares and eyes f7. Nf6 does nothing to oppose the bishop and so Qb3 builds pressure on f7. The only defense now is to place the queen in an awkward square in front of the king. I castled to entice my opponent to take the pawn on e4, Re1 to follow. d6 seems natural, opens up the bishop for defense on e6, but this too little to late. After Rxe4 both the bishop and the knight are pinned to the queen. My opponent is virtually paralyzed. Stockfish later said the best was to give up two pieces for the queen, but my opponent actually left the game and made me wait 20 mins for the win, bad form. Not that I mind, a win is a win.
    Tanks again for your great content, keep up the good work.

  26. Off topic but do you know of any high level players that smoke marijuana?

  27. thanks for this course i really started chess from 0 in 1 week i m almost 1000 rated because of you and if you can put more videos on the middle game plans

  28. Thanks a lot for this !
    Can u make a video or atleast give an idea on how to avoid getting mated in a position where i have only my king and the opponent has his king and queen.. is there a way to force a stalemate ??

  29. I just found this channel yday and immediately subbed. Wonderful content man and I absolutely love your accent. I lived in Mexico for a while and love hispanic culture and language as they taught me so much there that I am forever grateful for. I am a YT chess creator as well and I think I will grow tremendously by watching your channel. I was curious if you do coaching or collabs? I would be very interested if you do! Also do you have a discord group?

    Keep up the great work!

  30. thank you very much for all your content you're one of the best:)

  31. Aleksandra Goryachkina should have watched this video haha 😉

  32. You are the best chess teacher…
    You will be my coach until I die..💟

  33. I just had this end game the other day but I won his rook and it was a draw

  34. I needed this lesson, in De la Villa's book just jumps from distant opposition from this endgame and I was pretty lost as it was the first time I saw it!

    Edit: an hour later I win that position against the computer at max level!

    Edit 2: Some hours later, I can draw it against the computer!!

  35. This was great! Super helpful. Thank you.

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