Chess game Master level


  1. chess makes my heart beat too much – not worth but a game

  2. I have played this game and I was all the candidate levelbut believe me you can't defeat a real-life candidate master of chess by just defeating candidate master level of this game

  3. Lol this is not the master level game. Probably a beginner level or an intermediate

  4. 😑😴☹🙁😖😨😧😦😕😔😓😒😶🙄and 😡😡😡😡😦😧😩😱🤯🙃😯😕🤐😔

  5. when opponent is biginner then play this type movi😀😀🤣🤣🤣

  6. Qui si capisce bene.
    Il re non può più muovere, senza essere mangiato.

    Le altre partite sono stranissime.
    Per me non sono partite vere.

  7. PoV – you tried to close the win tab in end

  8. 2:36 you would have move that pawn to f3 to prevent from check… but no prob opponent's queen died although np well played👏👏

  9. Chess ka Kay naam ha ye game ka playstore

  10. 30 min subscribe
    10 min subscribe
    20 min subscribe
    12 min subscribe

  11. Bro i have reached at gm level when I was 9 years old

  12. अरे भाऊ बाकी सर्व ठीक आहे
    पण गेम झाल्या वर anyalisis म्हणून येत असते त्याच्या सिम्बॉल चा अर्थ काही समजू नाही राहला आहे
    ते थोडं समजून सांग

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