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Analyzing tactics in a game I recently played I have learned through the games of Grandmasters. VERY exciting for me to know HOW to use these!


  1. Your videos have helped me to improve my chess. So thank you for your videos.

  2. rook takes rook black, pawn takes bishop white

  3. Can you do more videos on openings? I seem to be okay following mid-games tactics and 'mating techniques, but when it comes to the very beginning, I seem to shoot myself in the foot before I even get started. What is your thinking when you consider openings? How do you begin a game?

    Thanks for taking the time to do this by the way! I really enjoy all your videos!

  4. 11:40 man if u would just take the bishop instead of pawn I know it was tempting to go for the right side 😀 but you would be piece ahead I'm not a genius at chess either but I watched some Carlsen games lately and you realy have to go for the late game to win at better players

  5. thanks kerry
    for those chessvideos, iam learning and and watching allmost every day to jour video. Chess is for me teh game to play !! see you in the next video…

  6. If that fork was not worth a SHAZAM I don't know what is!! I liked the Knight sac after … f3. Huge compensation gained and you already had the queen. Excellent. After Qxh1+ Kb2 I would suggest fxg6 to finish off his kingside attack and all is lost.

  7. Thats up to you really, whatever favours you the most. I believe he moved the A8 rook because it was out of play & the other rook already has a role supporting the king. Two reasons why thats the best rook to move

  8. i find your videos helpful not only for the principles you teach, but the 'errors' you make too, not being a great player myself, when i see them the videos become more interactive as i look for better moves that could be made.. love your work..

  9. i reallly like wathching your LOSING games that way i try not to repeat your mistakes….. we both leearn that way

  10. also i know i am not watching grand masters play which also helps cause i am not playing gm's myself

  11. backwards though my comments r has i am commenting as i watch because it is not boring and stuffy as most people think chess is but that is why i watch you because it is lively

  12. dont know what i woulda done but at that point i would not sac my knight

  13. i have a request show some more of your losing games…especially if you know your losing move or moves were

  14. You totally destroyed his entire army, man. 🙂

  15. Thanks for all your comments, ideas, and suggestions. All right, you wanna see me lose, I shall lose – GRIN! I am in the course of videoing some live games with my computer chess program, and we shall see if I can win, but if I lose, I shall also show you those games too. HAPPY checkmating all you fabulous chess friends!

  16. I took your advice and I'm playing my first chess tournament right now

  17. Are you a real professor? Just curious about your background.

  18. Well, ya know….professors are those who profess something, so, yes, I am as are all people who profess something – GRIN! I take my books everywhere I go, and my wife started calling me the backyard professor, and the name stuck, soooooo, I am a professor, but not a college teaching one. I am an internet teaching one! LOL!

  19. AWESOME ariel1 GOOD LUCK! Remember, have FUN and don't worry about the results. I was told that for the first several tourny's you go to…….

  20. nobody started as a grandmaster. i am 100% confident you will be (at the very least) a fantastic chess player.

  21. Great videos. I stumbled across your channel some how and I'm glad I did. I was bored and started playing chess on my phone and I always got crushed. I some how came across your videos on here and I think they are great, I've learned some things and have helped me even win some games. Keep up the great videos hope

  22. Not sure how Kerry choses, but the way I chose a rook (right or wrong) is I ask myself "Which Rook isn't being useful at the moment?" and if there is a clear answer, I employ that rook to go into an open file. I'm sure there are more scientific rules on this, and it also depends on the unique position of the board (you dont want to chose a rook that is on guard duty of another enemy threat, for example!)

    Hope this helps!?

  23. At 18:30, instead of Bxe4, Qh3 might be slightly better, threatening Qh1 followed by mate. It basically forces either Bxf3 or Rg1.
    You will still gain the Queen on d2, but at the end your Queen will be more active on h3 than on d7 with the gain of the h4 pawn.

    It might be a really slight improvement, your combination with a direct Bxe4 is still really really good.

  24. BYP, you're awesome. Love your extroverity and enthusiasm.
    Greetings from across the pond.

    Keep it up (please)!

  25. Its not really a knight sacrifice, because your Knight is already lost, it cant go anywhere, at least he died for a pawn.

  26. This game is proof positive that your standard of play really is improving. Well done on a nicely played game and keep these videos coming I can't get enough of them.

  27. I love your videos. I wish you could form a list of your most helpful books.

  28. Wouldn't it have been better to (at 22:15) to do Qe7 rather than Qe6? This way, in addition to strengthening the e file, you'd also be challenging the Rook on G5.

  29. Can someone explain how it leads to a checkmate at 24:30 ?

  30. It's not really a matter of how it leads to checkmate. Ultimately it will – there's a number of ways, but the point here is that no matter what moves white makes, he cannot win or draw this game. It's a guaranteed win for black, which is why white resigns.

  31. better was taking his bishop on e2 instead of g2 pawm and attacking his queen he has to take the pawn , then u take his bishop on g7 going a piece up

  32. thank you for this vedio and I wish too if you could make list for helpful books , please

  33. You are excellent, don’t worry about the nasty people!

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