Chess Endgames: Checkmating with a Queen

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IM David Pruess teaches one of the most basic checkmates in chess, but also one that comes up all the time. If you don’t know how to checkmate with a king and queen vs a king, it’s time to learn…make sure to practice your new skills with’s free interactive tools!


  1. This is exactly the kind of video I was looking for 🎈

  2. I was playing against a bot and thought "there's probably a trick to this, I'll look up a video"Anyways…..I figured it out while this guy was droning on about nothing. I wish there was 2 dislike buttons I could hit.

  3. I came to this video immediately after giving up a stalemate in this position, so thank you for the instruction

  4. You need to checkmate the opponent within 50 moves in this case, since there is no pawn to move.

  5. You should make videos on every single endgame!

  6. That was a good video. I was sort of worried it would be a beginners video where I would take nothing from it. But the queen being a "knights square away" is a damn good rule of thumb to have in your head to make the endgames much more fluent.

  7. i never realized that placing the queen a knight's move away would always get the job done. and i say this as a scholar.

  8. Could you guys make some videos on the Sicilian Defense Wing Gambit and some of the different variations

  9. I like the knights distance with queen tip i will use t to save time

  10. @eveningbuzz aw shucks! my goal is to teach you how to think, not how not to think! i'm a failure!

  11. @Mushyrulez we will try to cover a lot of the most common ones.

  12. Thanks for the insight! I've been playing chess for fun for years but videos like these really help me to pull it all together.

  13. can you also upload how to force a checkmate with three knights and a king?

  14. I have the mobile app and no matter how I mate using any piece the analysis always says A faster checkmate was possible… πŸ˜‘

  15. 9min.(instead of1 Kg2
    1Qg6 Kh3 2Kf2 Kh4 3Kf3 Kh3 4 Qg4# .seems more ligical.

  16. Hate the "aaaaannnd" that you use πŸ™

  17. " take your whining complaints elsewhere "
    Impressed πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ reminds one of the Columbus & the egg insight .
    Genius of simplicity πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  18. Great tip – knights square away. It will keep me from chasing without a plan.

  19. I know the knight square away technique. What I'm looking for is the fastest way to checkmate with a queen. Stockfish shows a specific number of moves before checkmate but if I just follow that technique, it would take more moves before mate.

  20. Thanks. Should have watched this 20 minutes ago. Then I would have won instead of a stalemate

  21. Isn’t it a stalemate if the king makes the same move 3 turns in a row?

  22. The knight's square tip was really good!

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