Chess Endgame TRICK You Must Know

Chess Endgame TRICK You Must Know

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  1. He moved the black king two times

  2. But Wait! Now I switch the white king for a black pawn and black wins the game

  3. The third scenario actually happened to me in a game

  4. The black king position has been changed from g8 to f8 😅 don't do it again

  5. "The knight deals badly with past pawns"
    Oh, I didn't realize this was 5D chess with multiverse time travel. Pawns from the past are indeed very tricky to deal with

  6. a pawn is not scary u know whats scary of the pawn? pawn have the ability to PROMOTE

  7. he lied this is false because at the start the king was on the white square not the black

  8. No one gonna talk about how the black king moved twice in one turn

  9. White king C8 after knight check left the game

  10. Wait when the black king in f file and he start move first?

  11. impressive to see that a losing player stalemates the winning player instead of themself

  12. For those who don't know in almost every end game the important thing is that who plays first

  13. Wait.. Is it jume or the king was a bit closer on the second clip. If it was the same position white is winning but the black king was one file closer.

  14. I was playing chess with my brother and we had the same situation pawn on the knight file. And not just only that…
    He frickin figures out the knight checks at the last moment :”)

  15. Me with 200 Elo chess: isn't King+queen vs king a stalemate 🤔

  16. is it only me that noticed it.?? when the video starts, the king is on g8….but later it comes to f8, one step closer which eventually forces draw…

  17. "The knight" –THE MUSIC SEEEEEMS SO LOUD

  18. But what about the first position? You’re just losing

  19. Listen here It was white turn you can't trick me

  20. Wait its that mean draw when you eat the knight

  21. Why you cjeating your black king was on white on first time but on secend time was on black

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