Chess Endgame Tips Every Player Should Know

Alexandra shares some tips and principles that will help you get advantage in the endgame and win more chess games. Drop a like and let us know in the comments what other educational content you would like to see next!
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  1. Queen Dies
    Pawn gets to enemy side
    King: "You're my wife now"

  2. Thank you for this vid my rating went up by 200

  3. @3:24 "white wins". I'm a beginner, but how? I guess I'm less than a beginner… 🤔
    For a beginners video, you need to have a lot of 'progression of the game experience'.

  4. More tip videos would EXCEL. Basic strategy from a Master player is what the average player wants. If you’re watching this video, you love chess. I’ve been playing since i was a kid. Always above average but i study/travel for poker instead. Strategy, mind games, finesse, and knowing how the brain works are all great to have at your disposal etc. ❤🎉

  5. Ever seen a woman best a world chess champion? 😂😂😂

  6. Im just here to ask you why change the camera focus 10 times in the first 5 seconds

  7. I really need to understand opposition in the game of chess

  8. Gereat video! Super clear and concise, but also not rushed!! Perfect 😎

  9. Your explanation is the best and your so very cute 👍👍👍👍👍

  10. This video helped me a ton, literally in the first couple tips it explained how my opponent earlier was able to win at the end. So now I know 😁

  11. Short and to the point,simplely love your video style and inform.

  12. This is very helpful and clear. Thank you.

  13. i couldnt concentrate on what she was saying at all

  14. I cant focus the teaching . Girl is too beautifull

  15. This is not the Alex I see on my YouTube shorts😭

  16. Your beautiful face is distracting😅

  17. Damn i just forgot to focus on the board gotta rewatch this

  18. Someone told me there's a chess board in this video but I didn't see it.

  19. 2:55 the square rule is wild. When you have these kinds of tricks, you have to do waaaay less calculations. I can definitely see how some people seem to be aliens regarding chess. I bet they have lots of these kinds of principles that makes calculating faster for them

  20. Hey, why are you not a psycho on this one video? You sound really strange so calm and composed.

  21. Not relevant but I'm just noticing today how beautiful she is. And rly unique looking. I already watch hikaru and Gotham and ither random lesson but I'm also realizing she has some good instructional too. And get to watch and watch, yay!!!

  22. 1.Pass pawn(in front of pawn 3 squares me agar pawn nhi he toh) ..create pass pawm by majority

    King activity in end game

  23. The square rule is crazy, thank you for sharing

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