CARO KANN DEFENSE #trap #queensac #sacrifice



  1. Perfect game, specialy the end of game very nice a for player

  2. Musuhnya aja yg idiyot ngapain depan raja gk di open

  3. Caro kann proper nahi tha is liye hara

  4. Maja nhi aaya. Traps vagera sab ratne ki chije

  5. kebetulan saja..dia mendapatkan lawan yang tidak mengerti langkah catur😁

  6. Ödüllü Satranç Turnuvamıza bekleriz.

  7. Me when he sacrificed the queen: bro WHY DID YOU LET QUEEN DIE
    Me when he checkmated with bishop: SMART

  8. This isn't caro kann!!
    This is caro kann getting killed 😂

  9. I prefer the intercontinental balistic missil

  10. They finally learned how to handshake (older viewers remember)

  11. Как это просто отдал ферзя, 😮 надо было хорошо посмотреть

  12. Только что видел видео там где пацан рассказывает именно об этом способе мата

  13. when u move ur pieces back mostly is the wrong move 😂 , so make sure when u move ur pieces back to the right place

  14. Kyu yahan Raja se Rani ko aapas me chang or diya jaye or bo Rani marega ut se or Raja ut ko mar dega ye posible he to

  15. If a grand master sacrifice his queen then you gonna gone😂

  16. Why my opponent is not following the script

  17. Comentario español encontarado felicidades🎉

  18. The spooky smile at the kids fact in the end 😂

  19. The openent is not seeing his mplan only moving

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