Can I Beat This Chess Computer BLINDFOLDED? ASMR

A cheap and easy hack to learn to play blindfold chess.
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  1. I just wanted to say how amazing your effects are. I'm so glad you took the time to make this game easy to read. Keep up the good work innovating chess ASMR. I absolutely love your content.

  2. When you played Qd2 and told us to find a strong move instead of Qd2, I guess the strongest move there was d5, which forks the bishop and the knight

  3. Yet another great video!
    Thank you for your videos, my friend!
    Because of your videos, i am now rated 800, recently went to a chess club in my school, won every single game, one with a scholar's mate :).
    Thank you again and keep up the good work!
    P.S love your editing, must have taken a loong time 🙂

  4. This must have taken forever to edit. Great video

  5. Great video, I love your Ghost Chess!!!!

  6. Congrats on 100k! 🙂 been here since 30k and i’m so glad you’ve reached such a significant milestone. Can’t wait to see what’s to come.

  7. hey, i just wanna say again, CONGRATS ON 100K! you absolutely deserve it! much love <3

  8. also happy valentines day to anyone reading ❤️

  9. Blindfold chess is insane ngl, I am far from that, still trying to figure out the basics lol

  10. You should do a video on the new game that came out, The Ouroboros King. Would love to hear what you think of it and watch you play it.

  11. Have you seen Searching for Bobby Fischer? If you haven’t already, you definitely should, it’s really good. About Josh Waitzkin

  12. I've just begun really working on my visualization (using the Invisible Chess podcast so far, and also playing the Opera Game in my head thanks to your beautiful memorization video!) so this is super ideal timing! I know I've seen (and probably responded to) comments requesting this topic. Love the directions you've been branching out in with your content. I am absolutely passionately convinced that you're going to blow up in the chess scene and we'll start seeing the huge chess content creators recommending your fantastic work soon. 😊 Thank you so much for all the effort and care you put into making these videos!

  13. The „cool effect” was, in fact, very cool. Great video as always!!

  14. I wasent expecting the opacity effect but it was a good surprise. It must have took alot of editing

  15. You should make a video on just capturing sounds!

  16. Hey sorry for the question but I love your chess board (the one you used in the last video), can you say to me where I can find it?

  17. I would make a tiktok account If I was u and atleast give it a try because chess is very popular and talked about a lot on tiktok right now

  18. He has an accent that isn't a normal English accent
    He sound kind of European am I right about that?

  19. Wow that was so cool! Loved the overlay effect.

  20. Great vid! Could you do a learn the Ruy Lopez video?

  21. This Austrian man is one of the best things about Austrian culture. So classical in his consonants

  22. Alternate title: how to premove in real life like hikaru

  23. This surprised me with how well it was edited!

  24. That effect was really cool. I really enjoyed this video!

  25. Well done with that “cool” effect haha. Absolutely loved it!

  26. I think the move at 19:29 that you missed was a pawn fork! d5 is crushing for the black position. Blindfold is hard, man 🙂

  27. This must've taken an incredible amount of effort and editing to show us where the pieces are O.O

  28. I love the video, but im in love with that board. Saitek Kasparov Alchemist plus, it looks so good and i am thinking of getting one after seeing this video. You got yourself a new subscriber and i, a good new smart chess board

  29. Great game, I could never do this but you missed Queen G5 Checkmate 37:19!♟️😂

  30. i don't really like asmr but those lights are so nice looking, reminds me of jacksepticeyes old light setup, it contrasts really well

  31. What is the brand of you wooden chess board

  32. Man I wish I didn't have (almost) aphantasia ☠️

  33. I love how happy he sounds explaining how to do it but also he’s so calm 😊

  34. All I can say is WOW! Not only on chess skills but even the video production techniques with ghost pieces were stellar!

  35. The graphics for the pieces worked really well. Great job!


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  37. Very cool video – I'm surprised I missed this one being published!

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