Bobby Fischer Demonstrates Famous Chess Moves | The Dick Cavett Show

American chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer demonstrates the famous endgame position between the Duke of Brunswick and Paul Morphy.

Date aired – August 5th 1971 – Bobby Fischer

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  1. Dick Cavett demonstrates not only his idiocy regarding basic chess; but he also slavishly promotes the old cold war memes of the time.

  2. Chess is the best gm in universe and those who play know

  3. Tal and Bobby the best chess players ever. Capablanca close third

  4. The opera game by Morphy; the ultimate in chess play.

  5. Feels like Fischer is talking to a monkey. The host is soo absolutely clueless about the game.

  6. Bobby credits the Chess to India and Indians are about to change the name India now…
    The name India has a long long history and any change would mean giving away all that good name.

  7. Bobby is all times best Chessplayer World Champion RIP

  8. These interviews with chessplayers and similar people are usually stupid, but Cavett asked good questions.

  9. Given how little Cavett knew about the game, he asked some really good questions

  10. Nice of Bobby to give props to female chess players. Guess he was in a good mood this interview 😅.

    Also, why does Hungary produce so many great chess players?

  11. Fischer playing Morphy vs the Duke. 2 American players that are both the greatest of.their generation

  12. You could tell Fisher was a bit uncomfortable with the girl there, and was getting irritated when the attention shifted away from him.

    I’d be irritated too. That “Are all chess players egomaniacs?” followed by her shrill egocentric laughter was pretty fucking rude, but Fisher played it cool. Also when the piece fell over and she’s like “I don’t know what to do with it!” was so cringe.

    And then the other guy, sensing this, tried to be less obnoxious and aak serious questions but he just ended up sounding like a dumbass.

    This would’ve worked better as a 1-1 interview and frankly I can’t imagine Fisher would’ve agreed to this if he knew exactly what he was getting into.

  13. This is before this guy descended into madness and started spewing his crazy ideas and virulent anti-semitism. Even during this interview you can tell that there’s something wrong with him.

  14. "I always have a clear head"..

    That didnt age well 😅😅

  15. Bobby Fischer could be played by Nicolas Cage

  16. You would think Cavett would have taken a lesson on the basics so that he didn't ask so many stupid questions

  17. "He just knows something went wrong somewhere" legend

  18. Just hearing this conversation I feel that Bobby Fisher is just a refreshingly honest person.

  19. The only way I could do that was if you wanted me too I could come and pick it out and then I can go pick up it from your place or you could just pick me out of there or you could come pick me out and I could just drop you back in my truck or you can come pick me out or you could pick it out or you can come over here or you could drive it home with your truck

  20. An awkward man…
    Typical intelligent men's traits….

  21. It's unfortunate Dick Cavett didn't even know how to play Chess. He was surprised that Rooks could move more than one square? Really dude? You're the last person that should be conducting a Prime Bobby Fischer Interview.

  22. Dick Cavett: There have never been a good woman Chess Player have there?
    Bobby: Name drops "Nona Gaprindashvili" first ever women to earn GM. Whom BTW won a lawsuit vs popular Netflix Miniseries "Queen's Gambit" which claimed that Gaprindashvili never played a man. She in fact did earn her GM Title from playing in a Men's/Open Tournament. Nona sued Netflix for $5 Million and settled for an undisclosed amount.

  23. Dick was trying sooo hard to pull some answers out of Fischer, but he's just so short spoken.

  24. Dude interviews chess genius and has no idea how to play..What a shameful waste of time for both of them.

  25. well, intresting. Glad to hear for the last question who mentioned Nona gaprindashvili, who is of course georgian, not russian, who became the first grandmaster between women in history of chess.

  26. In their prime, at their very peak, Fischer would destroy them all!

  27. Interviewing a chess champ without knowing how rook moves😂

  28. 30 years later this guy famously said “i hate chess”.

  29. Back in the day the interviewer had no idea what he was talking about, nowdays this would be unnacceptable to interview a world champion without knowing what you are talking about.

  30. You can definitely see the early schizophrenic tendencies here

  31. At 2:422:45, Mr. Fischer says, "He plays a good game, both ways…." Is he flirting, with double entendre, in that moment — he has a slightly mischevous, yet questioning, smirk in Cavett's direction at that moment….

  32. What a stupid interviewer you are taking interview of one of greatest chess players atleast do some homework how pieces move

  33. Actually you can only foresee forced moves

  34. Sad, he didn't continue after winning the world championship. What a genius he was. Probably, the best ever.

  35. Trying to explain how beautiful the opera game was to a non-chess player seems so hard.

    They’d never fully understand the beauty of the sacrifices.

  36. It was clear Fischer was getting upset in the end by the excessively dumb questions.

  37. If Cavett didn't know the basic moves of the pieces, he should have kept his mouth shut and not look so stupid.😅🤣😂

  38. He came across as polite and pleasant back then but he rarely elaborates, almost like he doesnt know you can if you want to. Mostly direct short answers. No anecdotes. He doesnt seem to notice the silences and awkwardness he creates.

  39. Could the questions get more stupid!! FFS

  40. I think Cavett is great but he could've read two pages on the rules of chess beforehand.

  41. Where, in your opinion, does Bobby Fischer rank in the list of the greatest Chess Grandmasters of all time?

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