Blitz Chess #3431 vs Practice 007 Grunfeld Fianchetto Black

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Black vs 1 d4 based on the Benko Gambit:
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  1. Whenever you go for these quick trades, you always tend to have bad positions. That was the first though I had, when you said you want to trade pieces because of less space.

  2. You should take some stats about how you're feeling or other environmental factors before the games and see if there are any noticeable trends. Because you play so regularly that might be interesting

  3. Watching today session… I wonder how much would rating of strong player (imagine titled player with decent opening repertoire) dropped if he/she would stop playing his pet openings. If d4 player would play e4 or if as black played defences that he only knows in basic form and never studied seriously. Nothing against Christof, but I noticed that if you don't play your classical openings and start "to experiment", your performance is not so ideal. What do you think? 100-200 points lower? Also this "opening change" will be probably more and more significant as we go higher on rating lader.

  4. I would play, instead of c6, Nc5 Qc2 Na6 with the idea of Nb4. But still, black suffers from lack of plan

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