Blindfold Training | How to Read Chess Books Without a Board Part 2

Part 2 of IM David Pruess’ lesson on blindfold training.
Part 1 can be found here:

00:00:00 Intro
00:05:33 Blindfold Games
01:44:03 Reviewing Games
01:59:46 Reading a book
03:03:32 Questions

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  1. The way you ask the questions and then start typing really makes me feel like I’m inside of a doctors office 😆

  2. My goal is also to read books blindfolded. This is really helping me along. I think I need some easier books though. Anyone recommend anything with lots of diagrams?

  3. Hey David I hope you come across this comment.
    I would really like to appreciate your efforts and patience since you are an IM but also giving ample time for all levels of players to think so that they can follow along. I love your teaching. Your earlier video on blindfold training made my day.

    PS : Please take care of yourself in the pandemic.

  4. This was great. I'd love more blindfold videos.

  5. This content is fantastic. Thank you very much David ! I hope the algorithm introduces this video to more chess players on yt.

  6. I taught myself blindfold chess many many years ago, but interestingly, this is pretty much how I did it as well. Constantly on my opponent's moves, I remind myself of the data and my plans. It definitely enriched my regular chess as well. especially deeper calculation.

  7. According with the database, Torre-Krasenkow had 46 moves, he didn't resign there xD

  8. It's hilarious to me that you're teaching blindfolded chess while your intro graphic inverts the colors of the squares…probably should fix that.

  9. e4 c5 Nc3 d6 f4 g6 Nf3 Bg7 Bc4 e6 0-0 Ne7 Qe1 Nbc6 d3 0-0 f5

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