Best Daily Exercise to Improve Your Chess

In this video I share with you the best way to improve your chess on a daily basis.

Doing puzzles is incredibly useful for your chess development. This video will help you to understand the patterns of chess tactics.

I hope you are gonna enjoy the video and feel free to ask any questions in the comments.

Welcome to the Journey to Grandmaster! The place where you can improve every aspect of your chess game. If you are new to my channel, I am Yevhenii Yelisieiev, an International Master from Ukraine studying in Germany. If you want to improve your chess level, this channel is the perfect place for you.
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  2. Checks, Captures, Threats.
    Checks, Captures, Threats.
    Checks, Captures, Threats.
    Write 500 times on the chalkboard

  3. Coach thank you for more videos like this! ON MY WAY LONG ROAD TO 3000 ELO RATING!

  4. Is there a way of seeing the right solution when getting a puzzle wrong on the app ? Because I don‘t have the feeling of learning if I can‘t see my mistakes…

  5. I started solving puzzles on Lichess I hope it helps. My Lichess classical rating is only 1492 so I am still 508 points away from my goal.( I know 2000 on Lichess is not comparable to a real 2000 Elo but I think its good to have a goal )

  6. how do you only have 3k subs? you deserve wayy more

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