Beginner Guide: How To Use The Analysis Board On OR – Stockfish Analysis

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  1. So very helpful; prolly never use it though. Do U give "Do's & Don'ts" ie; control/center, develop pieces,avoid repetition, castle oppositely, not early Queen move?

  2. What does CPU:s mean and how do I incorporate tablebases if I want to play against Stockfish from a certain position? It's nice to train with, but sometimes Stockfish just get it completely wrong – even the slow analysis on a relatively high depth can be completely wrong sometimes. Try putting tripple pawns on a centre file and on opposing king in front of them and the stronger side's king cut off by a rook on the sixth rank like in the Philidor defence. (The stronger side also need a rook somewhere of course.) If you check tablebases almost all positions like this are drawn as you probably already guessed, but Stockfish evaluates the position as completely winning for the stronger side. Also, I have managed to draw against Stockfish with a kinght against two bishops, despite the fact that it is a well-known theoretical win.

  3. 3:12 This example of the endgame should be shown on lichess because there are endgame tablebases so we can see there that it is draw

  4. Going to be honest, I only knew how to analyze the games I've played before, so this is really helpful for me!

  5. If I wanted to download a chess engine, what is a safe site to use and what engine would you recommend?

  6. We live in an amazing era. Can you image going back in time and showing this to chess players. And it’s free. And available to almost every chess player.

  7. An important reminder to all chess players.
    When opening with e4, you are winning until you make mistakes

  8. Awesome contribution. Thanks. Hope your baby ends up happy forever.

  9. At 2:30 I left the video and set up (from screenshots) a game where I was at +5.7 and then 0.0 after my next move. Closure, you know. What a relief. Thanks.

  10. How can you switch your arrows to different colours than green and red

  11. Nelson, is there any tips you have for memorizing the board coordinates besides just experience? Someone once told me you should know which color every space is just by the coordinates. With everything, it's practice and repetition, but I was hoping you had some tips on how you learned? I think I got them damn pretty good, but the black side just always throws me off.

  12. Maybe a video for the future if you wish would be on "tablebases". What are they and how to use them. Your videos are excellent. Thank you.

  13. Thumbnail be like: How to use a free, open source engine for free!

  14. It's not a good thing that they are browser based. It may be convenient, but they're slower. Long term, you'd rather install something. Lichess also has a new alpha feature called external engines, which allows you to run natively run (non-browser based) engines at the analysis board.

  15. There is no best move on move 1 or 2, Engines can't really analyse openings

  16. Every day I learn something useful and new from you. Rare!

  17. Congratulations with the arrival of the new baby.

  18. The other very good thing on Lichess is it gives you an explanation on the left of the move or opening so you know why people use it and what it is good for.
    I only just noticed this now and it would help a lot of players I guess.

  19. I love videos like this that teach you how to get the most out of the tools available to you. This is actually instructive in teaching people how to Git Gud and not just bang their heads against the wall.

  20. you are actually using a cloud base analysis in lichess on this video, though lichess also support stockfish in the browser.

  21. Stockfish 15 doesn't show up for me under 'browser analysis' in settings, Stockfish 11 does however. Any ideas?

  22. How do you drop those arrows? You never told that, if I am not totally wrong.

  23. I must say this is a very amazing video. I mean I learnt quite a lot. Thumbs upπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘. I have a question (I hope that you will answer and not ignore). Do you know of any chess apps( especially ones that work offline and are totally FREE) that could analyze chess games. If you do could make another amazing video like this one on how to use them? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASE.( please don't ignore this when you see it, it's very IMPORTANT to me).

  24. This is great. I wonder what is the best way to improve your chess? getting to 1800. im at 1500. Do i need to study books or these analysis board will supply enough information?

  25. Can you use this when playing against the computer on Lichess? Also, how do you store your games on Lichess and then access them later for analysis??

  26. Difference between cloud based stockfish and browser based stockfish and how to use cloud based stockfish

  27. I've been looking for something like a tutorial on how to use an analysis board to make plans without going down a rabbit hole, and without memorizing specific move orders, just looking for recurring moves in various postions so i have a good general plan for how to use my pieces in most middle game situations. I have a theory that people don't play like the computer, but they do play computer moves. So the analysis board shows me 5 lines with typically 4 to six moves per line, what I'm trying to do is find solid moves that won't blunder and I can play fast

    So on the analysis board I plugged in the Italian game and after 3. Bc4 I broke the moves down by pawn moves, knight moves etc per side as the engine doesn't change its mind every 2 seconds at this point.

    I saw alot of d3, c3, d4, d6. The general idea i gathered from these first 8 moves is that black wants to strengthen e5 and castle short white wants to prepare d4 and caslte short. In 3 out of 5 lines white plays Nc3 though the top 2 lines have c3, so I would play Nc3 as white, 3 of the 5 lines feature d4 but It's early so they're specific to move 3… most people in the database play Bc5 Nf6 so d3 wins over d4, this line of reasoning lead me to the giocco pianisimo.

    From what I see based on my limited experience, if both sides avoid sharp lines like the fried liver or 3..Nd4, it boils down to stopping Bg4 Bg5 pinning the knight and Na4 Na5 trading knight for bishop being the best options to continue. I inserted Bg4 Bg5 as concerns on my own, because the computer doesn't have many plans early on that involve the queens bishop and eventually tells you to trade the pairs resulting in the weird bracket pawn structure. The computer refutes Bg5 Bg4 through some variation of rook pawn, knight pawn kicking it away, making it "humanly" playable i would say, Kg2 Kg7 is often comes up in the lines afterward, but you might have the idea, is this an effective method to find plans or is there an easier way

  28. It is super annoying to look at all the ba6 and all that bull shit at the side when I use it on my phone it has arrows going from the piece to move to where it has to go how do I set that up on pc even if u are super good at chess it will still save u time then looking at the super small fucking print I’ve been looking for like 5 minutes where the fucking setting is getting fucking pissed off

  29. ok but how can I use it in game like Magnus

  30. "e4 is the best move, so check out some off beat e4 Gambits" πŸ’€

  31. Why at 11:04 after qe7 the engine says +3.1 if it's a bad move? It should say a negative number!
    I guess it means that it's a +3 for the white player but it's confusing in my opinion, it should always show the score of the last move made.

  32. OMG.. Im new at chess.. I have been wondering how to see this all.. Sorry for my poor English but, I really really thank you so much.. this really help me a lot! hopefully by learning from this vid, I can start again my YouTube and I hope I can be as well as you.. thank you so much!

  33. Thank you for making this video and congratulations.

  34. I don't have a computer. So no analysis for me. 😒

  35. I was brought up in the Rule Britannia tradition where it is important not to be seen to be trying too hard! But sheer curiosity makes me want to explore all the options in an opening and even if it is a lot of hard work, this looks like almost as much fun as watching one of your videos.

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