Beat her at chess, win a DATE 😍


  1. In 2023 even chess women have to be sluts to get attention lmao

  2. Tell me your a simp with out telling me your a simp.

  3. it isnt a true story of inspiration if the gwen stacy theme aint in it

  4. My virgin meter radiates when this video plays.

  5. Dude had BALLS to say she's his crush directly in front of her

  6. Imagining simping this hard for some pussy that’s ridiculous

  7. Aint no way he spent
    600 hours of his life to get a girl☠️

  8. Yea she’s a dime..but you gotta find another chic dude lol I think this is where the term “ain’t nobody got time for dat” came from

  9. Pov: you have nothing better to do in life

  10. His dedication is insane. I've been playing chess casually for years and he's already better than me

  11. For people who don't wanna watch the vid tyler won the chess match

  12. And I could still beat you blindfolded

  13. I mean, you already trapped her on the date in the yacht. What’s she gonna do? Jump out and swim back to shore?

  14. I have a challenge I know you'll never do. I'm already okay at Chess but I want you to train me so than I can beat you 😂😂

  15. If she liked you she would have said yes the first time

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