Basic Opening Principles You Must Know

In this video, you will learn basic opening principles to help you understand the WHY behind the first few moves you make in a chess game. For beginner/early intermediate players.

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00:00 – Intro
01:02 – Control the Center
03:07 – Develop Your Pieces
06:32 – Castle Your King
08:29 – Dealing with Unexpected Moves
09:44 – My terrible game
11:38 – Thanks for watching

Original outro music by Nela Ruiz

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  1. But I want chess to be easy.

  2. This is the exact type of chess content that I was looking for. Simple principles to follow when learning to play. I’m stuck around 700 after playing for a year now.

  3. May I be so bold as to request a game with you? I think playing you will make me better in the realm of 64 squares.

  4. It would be nice to hear your thoughts about openings from black’s perspective. Your videos have been very helpful!

  5. Just hit 1100 after around 4 months, hoping to keep improving and eventually get to 2000 at some point. I’m at a point where I’m not quite a complete beginner but I find myself forgetting some basic stuff from time to time. These videos are super straight forward and informative. Thanks for these.

  6. I'm really interested in seeing some of your games, either recorded or streamed live. You're fast becoming one of my favourite chess teachers.

  7. Great video, loved the grind to 2K as well. I have a question, so currently I'm 1700 and I was wondering where and how do you choose which lines / variations to study? There are so many lines that it becomes overwhelming which I should I bother learning. Like if I'd want to learn the London, I'm unsure which variation is worth learning and how deep as well.

  8. Anytime I see a young woman in overalls I think of Jean Louise Finch.

  9. Really liking your videos. Question for you if you don't mind – what are your thoughts on Chessable? Have you used it much and if so, could you recommend any courses?

  10. Thank u for your helpful videos. Im now at 1300 after 4 months and im trying to become a 2000 player aswell. ❤👍

  11. Hey! Could you please make a video helping with endgames. Though could it please be targeted towards higher rated players for example 1300-1800? This would be very helpful. Thanks anyway!

  12. I would like to see some videos on practical / non-theoretical endgames. I often end up losing those, even if the computer shows +5 for me.

  13. Can't wait to watch this one. One of my favorite channels now!

  14. Enjoying your videos – nice to see someone who explains things in layman terms!

  15. Great advice. My daughters think you're great. Thanks for helping them. And me!

  16. You may not have a fancy title (yet) but you teach better than 95% of the youtubers that do.

  17. Thanks. I appreciate your help, I'm trying to get better chesswise!

  18. Could you provide an in depth multi variation full overview of the Roy Lopez for any rating from 800 to 2100 including pawn structure analysis, middle game ideas and probable end game scenarios based on the move 19 Tabia? 😂

  19. I would like to see a video on how to coordinate your pieces properly/better. It seems like a bit of an abstract principle and some games my pieces just seen to be covering each other nicely and other games they are not and I am not sure how to do this properly.

  20. Another great video would be on how to decide which pawn to push forwards. Alot of times, I see stockfish recommending these pawn moves and I have no clue why they are the best moves!

  21. can you do a video on when it is most appropriate to sacrifice THE ROOOOOKKKKKK

  22. the channel has such potential. Looking forward to the ride!

  23. Can you make some videos on how to study/learn? How to use lichess to improve.

  24. What online recourses have you used to improve your chess? Also love the video ❤

  25. The way I like to think of it is that if a move your opponent plays isn’t part of the theory, some part of it probably isn’t the best, otherwise any of the people who analyzed that position over the years and created the theory in the first place would have found it. The trick is figuring out WHY it’s sub-optimal and exploiting that to get an advantage.

  26. It feels great to be here before you reach 6.5k subscribers

  27. Your videos are really good, please do this for mid and end game.

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