Attacking chess for beginners · Training Game

How many times have you heard someone say “Checks first, then captures and forcing moves!” In theory that’s easy to do, in practice, missing one key check is easy and canbe devastating, as was the case in this game.

When attacking, precision when calculating is key, and looking for checks and captures is the easy way to ensure that you don’t mess up like I have. I wanted to attack my opponent on two fronts by opening up the f file. I ended up miscalculating because one missed check and had to give up a pawn for absolutely nothing! Learn from my mistakes.

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  1. Stjepan I really appreciate the work you do

  2. I really like the fact that you do things that others do for lots of money, for absolutely free. Keep up the work!

  3. This man will one day help me become a titled player

  4. Hey, I just have to say that I appreciate your content so much. I've learned more from your videos than any other chess channel, and I wanted to say thanks! You're the best!

  5. Don’t let these games get to you, they are just training games to learn and prepare for games that matter

  6. Why did you ruin such a nice and solid position? If you want to play aggressively in the Caro Kann then castle opposite from your opponent when it's possible, don't push pawns in front of your king man. You were down a pawn for no reason at all.

  7. "That wasn't a good game, but I'm going to get better."

    That's exactly the correct mindset. Very inspiring. 🙂

  8. Went from 1300 to 1500 yesterday in one day, your videos really helped me a lot Stjepan(idk if that's right xD), especially the Sicilian, thank you.

  9. We like it more when you win, but it's always worth watching you play, whatever the result.

  10. Stefan can you plz make a video how I choose my opening in the game for example e4 you play Caro Kan and like that for black and white the video should be how I can counter my opponent thx❤❤

  11. These are the type of videos that help others learn. Open and honest thought processes with explanations and no hiding blunders

  12. Great videos. Not sure if 2300 lichess is beginner level!

  13. I enjoy your videos a lot and learn from them, so thank you for your content. A request: when you are thinking aloud about possible moves, could you please indicate them on the board with arrows? I am a beginner and by the time I have figured out "knight takes on e6," the game has moved on! If this is difficult for any reason, please ignore this request. Thank you again for sharing your videos.

  14. I'll watch that video then come back. ok

  15. You said you had the advantage because you had g6 and White didn't have the corresponding g3. And right after that you sacrificed the f-pawn with f5, which took away your ability to play g6. 🙂

  16. Hi hpy you haven't made c4 vs e5 video the reverse sicillian

  17. Please cover the bertin gambit, your the best chess youtuber

  18. Is grand master repertoire Caro kann series 7 book still worth it after 10 years please reply it will be very much help ful.🙏🙏🙏

  19. Hey, I like your opening explanation so very much. I would request a new opening to explore – the Ponziani, there are only 3 main variations, and it's a tactical opening. This will be very useful as i am trying to learn it but there isn't really anyone who explained it very nicely

  20. i appreciate a lot the work you do. planning in chess is what is the key to be better!

  21. Hey! I love watching your videos about opening theory.(I learned kings gambit) Can you make one for Vienna Gambit? Would be really interesting.

  22. hi love your videos please make a playlist on ponziani opening

  23. Instructor stephen please help me improve

  24. resently i found a chessable website for myself, such a tresure! i learnt caro-kann from you, and now i am reminding myself how to play it time to time from the website. thank you for your lessons:))

  25. Playing in your boxers 🤣 +1 respect from me, thanks for all your help on the caro kann btw best guide out there

  26. It's been a while since your last upload. No rush, I hope everything's ok.

  27. Could you make a series on the nimzo larsen attack?

  28. Bro your content is amazing , especially those courses for Catalan and English ,
    BTW, your thumbnails are so attractive that make me want to watch your videos the whole week

  29. I haven't kept up with chess in a long time. Due to the recent world cup I suddenly remembered you. It's awesome to see how much you have grown and improved. Keep it up.

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