ALL Chess Tactics Explained |Chess Strategy, Moves, Ideas & Basics for Beginners| How to Play Chess

As you know, chess is 10% strategy & 90% tactics. In this video, Jeetendra Advani covers 24 major tactics that every chess player must know. He will show you examples of all the important moves and ideas that chess beginners must know. He will also share some checkmate patterns and tactics alongwith some sacrifice tactics. If you are new to chess, then you should first check out his ‘How to Play Chess’ video here:
This video covers all the rules of chess.
Chess Tactics Video Timestamps:
0:04 Chess Strategy vs Tactics
0:32 Fork
1:16 Pins
1:39 Absolute pins
1:52 Relative pins
2:14 Skewer
2:47 Discovered Attack
3:13 Discovered check
3:31 Discovered double check
4:00 Windmill
4:30 Interference
4:58 Overloading
5:35 Deflecting
6:08 Decoy
7:13 X-Ray Attack
8:07 Zugzwang
8:39 Zwischenzug or Desperado
9:13 Undermining
9:38 Forcing a Stalemate
10:14 Perpetual Checks
10:56 Underpromoting
11:36 Queen Sacrifice
12:04 Exchange Sacrifice
12:25 Clearance Sacrifice
13:06 Exposing Hanging Pieces
13:33 Trapping a Piece
14:05 Support Mate
14:23 Smothered Mate
15:02 Back-rank Mate
15:26 Chess Puzzle

At the end of this video is an interesting chess puzzle to test your understanding of these tactics. Let’s see if you can solve that.

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  1. Q×f6 g×f6 ne7+ wins the knight tactics queen sacrifice+fork

  2. Wah, finally found a comprehensive guide to chess tactics! Can't wait to dive in and sharpen my skills. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice breakdown of chess tactics! Perfect for beginners who want to up their game and unleash some winning moves. Keep 'em coming!

  4. Mind-blowing breakdown of chess tactics! Definitely a must-watch for all beginners out there. Loving the clear explanations and practical strategies shared. Thank you for making chess more accessible to everyone! 💪🏻♟️

  5. The answer for the puzzle is
    Qxf6 the opponent will capture the quenn
    Then ne7+ forking the quenn and king

  6. Horse to e7 check attacking both Queen and king

  7. Queen to b8 and their bishop moves to d8 and then knight to e7 is a beautiful fork

  8. Such a great teacher where do you live actually

  9. I want to learn from him because iam going to national level plz

  10. Solution of the puzzle:
    1.Qxf6! gxf6
    2.Ne7+. any
    The tactics are deflection and fork.

  11. Thank you so much, very useful video for beginners.

  12. Queen takes f6 and he capture with pawn and we move our knight to e7 fork and we won a free bishop and queen

  13. 1. Qxf6 gxf6
    2. Ne7+
    (Forks king and queen)

  14. Queen takes bishop then black takes with pawn and knight delivers a fork and white takes queen

  15. The answer of puzzle: Qxf6 if he takes the queen Ne7+ and fork queen and king

  16. the answer of the puzzle Queen captures bisop pawn captures queen Ne7+and knight captures the queen

  17. Fork as knight will fork after sacrifice, Queen sacrifice to allow a fork, overloading as the black bishop is protecting important squares and pieces, decoy as we are trapping the queen with the fork after sacrificing and at last undermining as we are capturing the bishop an important defender for black.

  18. queen to f6 and knight to e7 what a fork……my first clever move

  19. In perpetual checks tactic knight to g6 was a fork to the king and the rook

  20. Queen takes bishop, after pawn capture, knight check is fork

  21. Solution =
    QxBf6 gxQf6
    Ne7 [ forking the king and queen]

  22. Queen sacrifice takes bishop g7 pawn takes knight e7 fork


  23. politics, you go left I go right… you are "the plan".

  24. puzzle:- Ne7 is a fork on queen and king

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