Advance 06 – Chess Tactics Forks Practice

Chess Inventory
Chessboard I Teach With (Green):
Chess Set (Blue):
Chess Clock (Preferred):
Demonstration Board:
Chess Score Book:
Wooden Circles:


  1. Some people have messaged me and asked where do I get my Chess Equipment from. Some of the boards I have are out of print but I have links to better replacements if you are interested. I hope this helps you out with a better experience on your chess game. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. =) All links are Amazon Affiliate Links.Chess InventoryChessboard I Teach With (Green): Archer Set (Blue): Clock (Preferred): Board: Circles:

  2. That was fun! I played along. Missed opportunity in last move of the video, I think Bishop captures G3 would set you up for a Discovered Check.

  3. What if the Rook can move back to those 4sqaures on the C flie it could also gard the Knight right?.And when white give away the Rook the bishop can captured the Knight and pined the other knight

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