A super effective training technique with your chess book

How to read chess books so that you can make the most out of them? How to study chess on your own? GM Avetik Grigoryan shares a very important technique for making the most out of a chess book.
He used it to become a Grandmaster and now recommends it to his students. Even you can implement this technique in your chess training program, and it doesn’t require the assistance of a coach.
The game discussed in the video was played between former World Chess Champion Anatoly Karpov and Evgeny Gik.
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  1. nice nice impeccable the concept you have just polished the diamond of the guest the move application at least for me

  2. Hi, Nice video. Can i know the name of the Chess software you are using?

  3. Love it . Opening phase is finished when rooks are connected?! Just asking

  4. nice video, whats is your opinion of yusupov serie's?? nine books for training

  5. Great video Sir very instructive . Sir can you tell me what is the advantage of studying classic games or games from these books

  6. Ok good idea I will tell my son to do it like you say

  7. Chessbase is great, but if you don't have it and can't afford it, I suggest Lucas Chess. It has an option similar to what was used here (and had it years before BTW), and it's free.

  8. for those who dont have the time to really watch the whole thing: Solitaire Chess and visualizing the alternative variations before displaying it.

  9. And what if the book doesn't have comments on any move and I don't understand the move? Or what if I have big discrepancy with the authors moves?

  10. Realy love your method! Thaknks for the advice!

  11. Sounds very convincing. And very easy to implement, too. I will try this for the commented classical games/endgames. Thanks for sharing this technique.

  12. Great training idea. Thanks! It works fine with just the stockfish download as well, with the game panel off screen or covered up, since SF will only offer to create a variation when you go wrong on the replay.

  13. Great lesson,you once told us that we should only do one classical commented game per day and here is my question. After that we can still use this technique too improve by studying other games,right?

  14. Do you do guessthemove for side variations if you didn't cover them the first time through? I use forwardchess and I have been doing guess the move on every move then reading the annotation to see if my move is there and if my move isn't there i check the engine. If it's still not there i try to figure out why my move is wrong. Is this a good strategy albeit a little time consuming to check thru every single move

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