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The chess world is very different from what it was 20 years ago. The internet changed everything, allowing chess players from all over the world to play each other live as well as to access a whole host of chess training tools.

In this video, GM Damian Lemos introduce the 5 best chess training tools you should use to take full advantage of these technological advances.

1. Chess Tactics Websites

Every chess player should train tactics daily and it’s never been easier with tons of tactics servers set up for this purpose.

One of the most popular sites is Chess Tempo. You can create a free account and get a detailed overview of your progress plus a tactics rating.

2. Nalimov Endgame Tablebases

One of the best chess training tools to improve your endgame play.

The Nalimov tablebases contain the definitive solutions to all 6-piece or less endgames (including the 2 knigs). Thanks to these, we can say for sure what the result will be with best play. And they are available for free in many websites!

You just need to insert the position and the tablebase will tell you if it’s a draw or if one side wins. If there is a win, it will also give you the best move to give the fastest mate and how many moves it will take.

3. Opening Trees or Books

Opening trees are the best way to see the current opening theory. Opening trees have to be opened in specialist chess software, like ChessBase, and they give you important information about an opening position:

• How many games have been played with each move, immediately telling you the most popular move.
• The winning percentage so you know if the move you’re considering does well or not.
• How long ago the move was last played. If it hasn’t been played for a long time, there may be a very good reason!
• The best strongest players to have played the move, giving you more confidence about the reputation of the variation.
4. Engines

Arguably the most important chess training tool. Having a chess engine such as Stockfish or Fritz gives you your very own Super GM to evaluate and analyze your games!

Each chess engines has its own style, strengths and weaknesses and nearly all of them are stronger than Magnus Carlsen, so there is no better advice to take! And some of them are free!

5. Databases

The last chess training tool would be the dream of those Petrosian ironically called the “children of Informator”. Players fascinated to have hundreds of games to analyze every 6 months. Imagine how they would have feel having hundreds of new games every week as we do now!

Databases are huge collections of games and every player should have one. It enables you to make quick searches on every topic you need. You want to study Kasparov’s recent games in St Louis? Want to know which move the top players make in some opening variation? You can get the answer with the click of a button.

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  1. thank you for good video grand master

  2. I have never been able to download a free engine and make it work.

  3. Do you suggest a soft for training on opening lines that i define to memorize them.

  4. very interesting Damian. I did not know how to add the second engine. In your preparations, do you use one specific database or multiple ones, like an ICCF database, for example? In general, would you find ICCF database useful or not really?

    Thanks for the video. I'm a Big fan of them…

  5. Ichess should make a vid on how to use chessbase 13 properly and what content to have

  6. From where to get the database which GM Damian Lemos has?

  7. For Nalimov endgame training (chessok) you have to pay

  8. Muchísimas gracias, Damián, por estos consejos tan inestimables. Sólo tengo dos preguntitas:

    1. Como soy un principiante (1200), nunca me salen las aperturas como en las partidas de los maestros, porque ni yo ni mi adversario solemos conocer las líneas correctas después de, digamos, seis jugadas. Necesito saber cómo castigar a las malas jugadas de mi adversario en las aperturas. ¿Algún consejo en cuanto a esto?

    2. ¿Existe una alternativa a ChessBase que sea un poquito más barato? Como estudiante no tengo mucha plata, jeje.

    Muchas gracias y un saludo desde Ámsterdam.

  9. please tell me how to sign up to your web

  10. tactic exercise times in this video
    i had to do one incorrect variation to help myself figure out how to checkmate black

    black is checkmated in a very long variation

    the basic idea to checkmate black in this position is to corner black's king into a corner with a rook and king and a bishop

    i had to do two wrong variations tohelp guide me to the right calculation to figure out how to checkmate black's king
    the idea is get black's king in a corner and get your king a square away from it and to checkmate black with the rook

    its the same idea as before
    rook e5 black rook g6 check rook g5 black f7white pawn h4 black g7 white pawn h5 black king f7 white pawn h5xg6 black g8 white pawn f5 black resigns because he sees he is going to lose

    white pawn h4 black g6 check white king f2 black rook f7 white pawn h5 black king f8 white rook f3 black king g8 its unclear what exactly to do move where at this point with this variation the main idea is for white to get a queen and have a rook to checkmate black i am going to stop calculating this variation
    h5 2.
    xe5 3. fxe5
    f1 4. h3
    e1 5.
    h4 6.
    f5 )
    d5 2.
    d1 3. f5+
    f7 4.


    black rook g1 check
    white h4
    black rook h6

    knight d5 black pawn d5 knight g5 black g6 white queen g4 black pawn f7xd5 knight queen e6 checkmate
    i saw another variation of how to checkmate black but now i can't see it
    13:11 black can't be checkmated according to the chess engine
    i see white queen to f3 is one of the main ideas but white will need bishops and support to checkmate black

  11. May I have an app with these features for my Android

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