3 Step Process to Solve Chess Problems/Puzzles!

Solving chess problems is the number one way to improve as a chess player. By learning chess tactics you will start to see patterns emerge in your game. Following the correct process to solve chess puzzles can be applied to your games as well. When you get into positions that are similar to chess puzzles or chess problems that you’ve solved, you will be able to apply the same tactics in your game. In this video I will show you a step by step process to solve chess problems/puzzles. In this video I show you several examples using chess.com’s puzzle rush feature.

Puzzle Rush:

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  1. best moves 1. Checkmate / checks [ mostly ]2. win Pieces3. look for ATTACKS or THREATnote1. Start with BIG Pieces to down

  2. Thanks Nelson! I was able to add some notes to my checks,captures & threats flow chart.

  3. what if this 3 step process does not help? what should I do next?Anyway as a first step I'd recommend evaluating material balance, see if there are any threats to your king/pieces. If opponent can mate you in one move, you know, that all moves must be checks.

  4. Maybe it's the title, but this video should have many thousands of views.
    "Tactics" meaning puzzles are frequently recommended to increase chess ratings for sub 2000 players. The simple tool taught here has allowed me to go from solving ~50% of puzzles on lichess to >90%.
    Thank you.

  5. Starting playing chess a couple weeks ago and have found your videos to be very helpful!

  6. I just found your videos and subscribed excellent excellent instructor.I’m a senior citizen female just learning, Love your style!

  7. I hate puzzles. It's like you can find mate in two it says it's wrong and wants you to do it in 6 instead. It Does my head in but I'm tryna get better just annoying when there's clearly better options and it wants you to play the dumbest move which seems like if I used it in game I'd be blundering

  8. 5:44 you could've forked the queen n bishop with your knight as well

    But yeah you were going to lose thar knight so your move was the best choice

  9. Heard about you while streaming the Perpetual Chess podcast w/ Ben Johnson. So I thought I would check you out. I am thoroughly impressed with your content and channel. I also like that your target audience is the U1200 crowd, like myself. I am a 53 y/o Husband and Father to 3 teenagers, so my chess study time can sometimes be limited. And the way you explain things is very refreshing, it's almost as if I'm in a classroom with you. You answer the very question I was going to ask most of the time. Keep up the good work!!!

  10. Strange I never noticed this video before !!!

  11. I was watching a chess vid months back and whilst I forget the channel I do remember the guy commenting about a player getting to 2000 elo within that year and him saying that's what happens when you hunker down and do 29k + puzzles. Pattern recognition and board vision .

  12. Clickbait!! This are not Chess problems, this are chess Puzzles. That's a difference. I'm thinking about to give a downvote.

  13. This really helped me out. Though I found your personally chosen puzzles a little more interesting and fun. I enjoyed you presenting those giving us time to pause and think. And after each or few steps you would give another chance to pause to look for further moves, such as the staircase-mate-in-10 w/ queen haha wonderful. While in this video it seemed much more easy, one-movers basically. Still it's big help on what to look out for, I actually struggle to do these fast and simply did try and error vs a bot. Thanks & greetings from Germany. Great channel.

  14. I just bought a copy of 1001 Brilliant Ways to Checkmate on Friday (2 days ago).


  16. QUEEN CHECK. The GO avoid this by creating des "Formes Vivantes."

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