28 Days To Better Chess Tactics – Day 21 – Decoy Attacking Chess

This chess tactics course will cover all the basic tactical motifs you will need to know to win games! Perfect for beginners or intermediate chess players as well as advanced players who would like a refresher or more practice. Awesome chess positions by Cuban players are included here!

In this video, day 21, I cover more advanced tactics and this video covers DECOY attacking chess! I cover the method to break down very complicated chess positions. I go really deep in this lesson to lay a foundation for further practice of more complicated chess puzzles and positions. The 4 part thought process is completely explained here. Actively solving tactical positions is one of the best and easiest ways to improve your overall chess skill. I encourage the puzzle solver to use the full 4 part thought process I describe in my strategy course to begin to incorporate your tactical understanding into your overall game.

Follow along on this tactical chess journey as we analyze all the important tactical motifs! Basic tactics positions are really the most helpful for all levels as they form the bedrock of your chess safety and analysis skills!

Studying chess can and should be progressive and one can make quick progress if what they learn stacks on top of the other. Learning chess simply is all about training the right way of thinking so that you don’t develop bad thinking habits. Develop good thinking habits and you will play chess well! Take some time to solve each chess puzzle and even write down your thoughts! Then you will able to analyze where you went wrong and how to improve from there.

If you want a great Tal chess book (he wrote is himself!!) get it here:



  1. The first puzzle had a double pin and the second included a blockade tactic.

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