2 MOST Important Chess Tactics You Should Know | Tactics Training

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In this video, you will learn and practice the 2 most common tactical motifs in chess. While theoretically there are several tactical motifs, in reality, in a real practical game, you will mostly use just TWO of them.

That is exactly what GM Igor Smirnov shares in this video lesson. He starts from simple positions and gradually increases the complexity, going for more advanced level chess tactics. So whether you are a beginner or an advanced player, this tactical training will be suitable for you.

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  1. i would play: Qa4+; Black could play Bd7, my next move Qb3, Nxd5, Qxb7 trying to take rook

  2. Is it white to e4, Knight takes on e4, Queen to a4 check with a double attack on the knight ?

  3. Thank you GM to share your chess knowledge,still beginer,49 years old,from Indonesia,a new subs,mantap

  4. On second example rook A1 is also winning.

  5. Pe4 and then if he takes, give a check by QA4

  6. Actually, it works better if you don’t chase the bishop away with 4 h3?!, just capture 4 Nxe5! Now the knight and queen attack the loose bishop on g4, and the knight and bishop attack the weak f7 square. Even if black sees the trap and moves 4 … Be6, then 5 Bxe6, fxe6, 6 Nf3 and white is still a pawn up. With the bishop on h5, though, (4 h3?! Bh5, 5 Nxe5) black can move 5 … Qg5, leaving an escape square for the king (@d8), and attacking the knight on e5 while protecting the bishop on h5. Furthermore, now 6 Bxf7 doesn’t work, due to 6 … Bxf7? – oops. 🥺 Finally, kicking the bishop with 4 h3 risks black playing 4 … Be6, spoiling the plan. Black could also play 4 … Bxf3, though this is less favorable (to black) due to 5 Qxf3, renewing the threat on the f7 square. This is the 1st time I’ve seen the Legall’s Mate trap with the h3 line.

  7. Thank you sir smirnov. I watched your videos how to think Like grandmaster and positional chess but I still make beginners mistakes. I don't know why. Can you give me some advice please? Thank you very much for your time.

  8. excellent video, clear explanation of the basics…

  9. Good morning sir
    I am sant kumar sahu
    Your video is very good but voice typing disturbe us please sir don't add voice typing in next video.please

  10. Two motives are as follows:
    1. Pin
    2. Fork or double attack

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