10 Chess Tips To CRUSH Everyone

10 Chess Tips to improve, for beginners, intermediate, advanced players, even Grandmasters!

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Q1: Plans with Openings
4:30 Q2: Plans with Imbalances
11:35 Q3: Opponents Mistakes
15:17 Q4: Positional Chess
19:45 Q5: How To Attack
26:13 Q6 and 7: Passive Play
32:34 Q8: Closed Position
37:32 Q9: Learning Openings

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  1. I was playing a lot of chess when I was 12 or something, never really learned anything in-depth, was always trying out new openings and just looked at how the game evolved. Just now chess somehow sparked my interest again, I feel like I'm learning a ton after having such a happy-go-lucky playstyle as a kid ^^

  2. "Black is still fighting for equality."


  3. Levy’s favorite opening is getting you to subscribe, Like and turn on notifications for more great content
    Thanks a bunch levy I greatly appreciate the time you put in to help people also can you maybe pin me please🥰😋

  4. The little comments like “if you play this your family should disown you” make these vids so much better.

  5. Really nice video. I only recently found your channel. You do a very nice job of marching forward and backward through variations.


  7. I'm no chess expert, but this might help: Whats the best move your opponent can do? Whats the best move you can do? Reply if this worked.

  8. Once Levy gets that jawline going he’s on his way to becoming a gigachad.

  9. Thank You Sensi. Another quality vid ! Maybe yours are to me because I can understand you, unlike some others talks. Types of calculating chess are my focus now – I played all my previous life just enjoying playing this game, now I found my mistake and am digging in with study. With all you've said here, and elsewhere (yes I'm going to watch this again lolol), a high practice I'm working on is to Study Every Game I play.

  10. I love the advice on the bishop exchange and to choose your light or dark squares wisely.👊🏼🙏🏼

  11. About a 1300 -1500 here and I really loved this video and learned an abundance of knowledge that I still haven't processed quite yet but again I thanks for knowledge professor!!

  12. Yeah .. I just need a tip on how to beat all gmS

  13. Love your videos bro…. Your helping me alot

  14. Video was published on my birthday. Need to work those biceps harder, Levy

  15. These longer videos are far better! Thanks.

  16. well done like always

    Another question:
    How do I practice Chess? xD

    Things I can think about are:
    – Learn new openings or improve your knowledge about one you have already played a few times
    – Analysing your games
    – play Chess

    I am looking for something like a checklist that says:
    You have to do … and … and … to gain 300 elo-points in x months

    – most important step: watch GothamChess videos

  17. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Mike Tyson

  18. Thanks so much Levy for this incredibly instructive video <3 Watched it all in one sitting and took notes

  19. In the opening for black cant i just play the moves stockfish recommended for the first moves?

  20. I really appreciate this video, it's so helpful! Thank you!

  21. I can't believe this is a free lesson, very valuable tips

  22. 2:33 so my smooth brain doesn't understand why you still wouldn't move the queen to b4 and attack the b7 pawn just because black played e6

  23. 26:12 Wouldn't pawn to F4 been the move here? Instead of the risky rook move? The pawns will trade and white would win by having a pawn defend knight.

  24. omg I am literally only at 12:36 and I haven't been more impressed with a video before! Thank you!

  25. The quality of this video, and Levy's way of teaching is impeccable beyond imagination

  26. You’re my hero. Thank you for this. Keep this stuff coming it’s so helpful for us lower rated players

  27. "Black is almost better, I mean black is still fighting for equality, but like…"

  28. By far the most useful and for me personally, the most practical and applicable vid I have seen in a very long time! Sincerely wish that I had seen the previous video where you offered up the opportunity to ask questions! More of this stuff please!
    Hypothetically, if I could have asked a question it would have been: how can I get out of the habit of playing " 1 hitter moves? "

  29. I am from India but I watches your video rather than other Indian YouTuber because u are awesome and yah I watch your video till at the end❤️

  30. im not sure somehow predicting the opponents moves will make you crush people

  31. Thanks, this video was really helpful, glad I re-watched it

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