10 Best Chest Exercises YOU Should Be Doing

10 Best Chest Exercises YOU Should Be Doing

Ex1: 00:00 Barbell Bench Press
Ex2: 00:42 Dumbbell Bench Press
Ex3: 01:24 Hammer-grip DB Bench Press
Ex4: 01:55 Incline Barbell Bench Press
Ex5: 02:27 Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
Ex6: 03:06 Incline Dumbbell Fly
Ex7: 03:46 Middle Cable Pec Fly
Ex8: 04:21 Smith Decline Bench Press
Ex9: 04:49 Dumbbell Decline Fly
Ex10: 05:11 Cable Iron Cross
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  1. No matter what I do all the forms are good but still my shoulder hurts while bench press


  3. Dumb question here but what would a day's workout look like with these? Are we talking about doing every single one of these 10 exercises and/or how many sets are we doing?

  4. When i do barbell press my shoulder gets results and my chest stays the same , why ? Any advice …

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  6. Should I do all those exercises every seance ?

  7. Chest : Back 2 : 3

    Posterior deltoid : Anterior deltoid 3:2

    Quadriceps : hamstring 3:2

    Bicep : tricep. 1:1

    Abdominals : lower back 1:1

    Gastrocnemious : tibialis anterior 3:1

    Adductor : abductor 1:1

  8. I Like Your Channel ❤. Sir Our Channel is also Good. Watch *Wasiq the Fit*.

  9. can i get big chest if only do push up everyday ?

  10. I've been working out now for 7 months and I'm noticing my chest getting bigger BUT…the left side is getting bigger much more than the right side 😳😐. I'm right handed and notice the left side is weaker except for the chest which feels equally strong on both sides. I do both barbell bench press (inclined) and dumbell press, also inclined. I do cable flys also. I just don't understand why both pecs aren't equal 😕. Do I start doing more on the right side and less on the left, or what? I'm 60 now and remember this happening the last couple times, in my 20s and 40s, when I took up weightlifting. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂 Really strange 😕

  11. Thanks for the tips man. I'm a college student, and I am so depressed cuz of my studies and to cuz to the one I love is no more resulting me to go fat. Now I just hit the gym just moments ago and I'll come back tomorrow.

  12. Is it just reps or should we do sets of same exercise

  13. Can a female do this for increasing there pectoral muscles as well as it will helps to look the breasts bigger 🙂

  14. How to call the name/term of the video type on the left hand side of this clip? animation , CGI animation or what ?

  15. Thanks for this great illustration king

  16. Does it have to be in this order or can we do it in our own way

  17. One question I’m new to the gym world how many set you have if it says 10-15 I have to do15 sets of 10? Thanx

  18. Any replacement for exercises requiring machines ?

  19. Hammer grip dumbbell fly can i do with cables?

  20. I know Daym well they take supplements or creatine that ain’t natural

  21. Bro,My chest size is 84cm….I want improve it to 87cm in 2 months…Will it be possible by doing all these in morning and evening???

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