1 Hour Beginner Chess Lesson with TierZoo

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GothamChess gives a lesson on openings, middlegame strategy, and endgame conversion to @TierZoo.

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  1. Tierzoo is fucking annoying, good job being so damn patient Gotham

  2. With your help i got from 500 to 700 elo in less than a day!(ik still low but im improving

  3. Patrick is definitely not ~800 elo, he should be 1600

  4. Liebherr LTM 112-9.1 mobile hydraulic crane says:

    When is the new chess dlc coming out

  5. I love that last comment and its so true – if you learn 7 or 8 concepts and 2 stick, thats not at all a fail, thats job done for the day. You'll easily start mastering those concepts and the others will be that much easier to learn and remember later (soon). – (same concept from martial arts classes) "Master what you know while you learn what you dont."

  6. Very nice to follow these sequences with you, very usefull. Thanks for the vid and all the best!

  7. At 10.40 time, he saw scholars mate, so he changed the subject and bring his king to the defence.

  8. But I am so glad he did that, as you really helped me with tactics.

  9. I'm a 400 and I can draw with my 800 friend consistently but I can't get above 450

  10. These videos are so good to help listen to the thought process. But I totally didn't get 31:10 where you said you can't take the queen after a pin, due to another pin… I could see that the queen could take on e5 meaning you were going to swap queens.. is that what you meant?

  11. @ 36:51 instead of moving bishop from E5 to G7 you should’ve moved your rook from F1 to F6. Because then black pawn takes rook, bishop takes pawn, then black moves either rook from H8 to G8 or takes bishop with queen. If they take bishop then you take queen with queen, then black moves rook to G8 (or blocks with bishop for some reason), white moves queen to E6 check the king (and depending on where the king moves to you could possibly get the bishop and other rook as well), king moves, queen takes rook. If black moves rook instead of taking bishop with queen, then queen moves to D8 for checkmate

  12. This dude definitely played lego chess when he was younger I’m having flashbacks seeing the queen take that took

  13. Bro I loved this wee thing you done here!!

  14. what a great session this was! Thank you Levy.

  15. one of my two favourite YouTubers that I didn't ever expect to Collab, but they did, and it's great. Like this Collab is just exactly perfect. It's so unexpected, but just works out so well.
    And they also mentioned Charlie, omg this is just the best

  16. 26:28
    Why did u not point out: qd5+, ke7 (forced), qxb7.

    And if knight takes c2, kf1, na1, queen gets forked with nd5+

  17. U have played half a million times chess wtf 😯😯

  18. 27:00 can't you just take the knight with the queen? if they take our queen with the pawn you can just get their queen by forking with the king. Free knight.

  19. So 300 elo in my region is 8-900 in that region…. strange

  20. Excellent video this one, and the next one too. I wonder why they get cut off at the end? They're very good as you're coaching some very beginer-friendly reasoning in both, which you can learn a lot from as a beginner, because it all starts with the reasoning in your head 🙂

  21. Wow I never new tierzoo plays chess and I never expected this collab either!

  22. Question: 8:40mins. Why not play Qf3 before Kf7? The opponents queen can't take knight

  23. By the title I thought you were calling ~800 elo "Tier Zoo", which I kinda agree with

  24. 34:57 I'd have gone with knight at d5 so that I'll eventually get the black queen and the game as well

  25. I re-watch and think about no check rule, that was fun but i was thinking no mindless check would be a better idea because the check when knight was covering the hole was just bieautiful.

    In this line if the king goes where knight cant attack him he have a chance to draw if white decide to jump with knight on the hole after the check lol

    Keep up

  26. Very informative session. You're a talented teacher.

  27. I just watched an hour of chess and I’m not mad. I’m about to start reading books and grinding the board 💪

  28. 8:50 you actually got to sort of get out of that mindset of playing it safe. At 700 you start seeing more traps and more complex positions. The game becomes more deceptive I would say. But yes taking with the bishop here is correct. But do you actually understand WHY?

  29. Sheesh I’m a 1400 and I learned from this video

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