【CHESS.COM】PRACTICE PRACTICE!【Hololive Indonesia 2nd Gen】

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This game is being streamed and monetized after confirming with Chess.com

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【ID】Aturan yang perlu diingat saat streaming sedang berlangsung:
• Harap bersikap baik dengan sesama penonton dan berkomentarlah dengan bahasa yang sopan.
• Dimohon untuk tidak melakukan diskusi diluar topik pada kolom komentar.
• Dimohon tidak melakukan spam emoji/emoticon.
• Dimohon untuk tidak mengumpat, mencela, atau berbicara dengan bahasa yang kasar.
• Dimohon untuk tidak berdiskusi satu sama lain di waiting room.
• Dimohon untuk tidak memberi komentar tentang Vtuber lain di waiting room / saat livestream apabila tidak dimulai lebih dulu oleh Vtuber yang sedang streaming karena bersifat kurang sopan.

【EN】Notice during the stream :
• Please be nice with each other and comment using polite words.
• Please don’t have an OOT discussion in the comment.
• Please don’t do emoji spam.
• Please do not swear, bash, or talk with any kind of foul language.
• Please do not do any discussion in the waiting room.
• Please do not mention or give any comment about other Vtuber during the livestream if the topic isn’t started first by the current streamer first because it would be considered impolite.


Dan yang paling penting, tolong nikmati stream ini!!!!!
Most importantly, please enjoy the stream!!!



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  1. The amount of brain damage is high on this one video

  2. This was very interesting, i hope to see more chess streams 🙂

  3. We Zomrades thank you for this chill stream, Ollie! It was a relaxing afternoon watching you practice Chess! With each game, we were agreeably engrossed to see you test your skills against other players! Your commentary also piqued our interest as you explained your thought process! Incidentally, Joey’s visit was a pleasant surprise! Even if this session wasn’t too successful, don’t give up! You just need to improve upon your mistakes! Stay determined!

    The tournament is tomorrow! We wish you good luck on your first match! Do your best! You can do it! Speaking of things to look forward to, in a few hours, we’ll see you again for your Fall Guys collab with your sisters! For now, OtsuCrazy! 🧟‍♀️❤️

  4. Very Beautiful Thank I Love You Kureiji Ollie <3 <3 <3

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