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  1. you should take a moment to actually think instead of coolly insta moving for your audience

  2. I'm pretty sure we all know where this is going.
    Just be sure that youre all there to support ollie in her chess match.

  3. I think it'd be really fun for Ollie to keep learning chess even after the tournament, just every now and then. It's frustrating when you're a beginner but she's definitely seeing the fun in the game anyway, and learning from her mistakes.

  4. I think she pretended to play unseriously in this stream.. I hope it is true, so tomorrow she'll play all out because she's good in math too.

  5. Hope you and your loved ones are doing well during these tough times.

  6. Wellplayed Ollie 😊👌…. although it was bit painful 😅(i was really rooting for you …well there's always next time😊)

  7. Pawn g4Queen h6
    Pawn g4Queen h6
    Pawn g4Queen h6
    Pawn g4Queen h6
    Pawn g4Queen h6

    My brane dyde

  8. What is up with that 1st guy? He made every wrong move he can possibly make.

  9. I should have known better than to watch another hololiver play chess.

  10. Remember that Ollie doesn't need to oblige to these challenges if she does not feel comfortable doing so. Not gonna lie those floods of challenges made me uncomfortable too.

  11. When’s the tournament and how can I watch it? o3o

  12. 18:28
    Qc3 – Bd4
    f3 – ?
    If black answers with
    – Kh6, he would lose the Bishop.
    – Rh5, both sides will lose Rook but white Queen will take the black pawn for free.
    – Rh8 will threat white king to a checkmate but g4 will make it nothing. Even better, if this white pawn able to occupy g5, the white rook can be relieved from its post. Then Rb7 will seal the Black king's fate.

    If black doesn't surrender idk.

    Unfortunately it was black's turn. But you can get the gist how to solve it.

  13. It’d be a really gud idea to analyze ur games afterwards with an engine not just to learn from ur mistakes but to also learn how the engine thinks

  14. Since this was a practice stream, the advice I'd give is to focus more on doing the new tactics and principles that Miss Anna taught. Once those have been ingrained, it will be easier to perform them faster as time passes. At least, thats what I think. Some opponents are pretty
    Good luck Ollie!

  15. Man she was doing so well in the first game then totally boned herself for like 8 consecutive moves

  16. People who watch amelia and kiara chess match before : Déjà vu

  17. 41:14 Actually you can checkmate your opponent from this point.

    Look at your Queen threatening the white King, only obscured by your own Rook.
    Also, Look at your Bishop at f5 sealing white King movement to c8.

    What you do : Rook 'eat' white Rook at e8. Checkmate.

    Remember, you have Queen and now the Rook Check the enemy King simultaneously; It is a Double Check.
    White can't 'eat' your Rook with his own or Queen. Because absolute rule of the Chess, when the King is at Check, the player MUST do something to avert the threat. Your Queen still Check the white King. White must do something to avert BOTH threat in a single move.

    Blocking the Queen Check with Bishop to c7 will not work either. As the Rook Check still valid. Must solve both or go home.

    As any from, 2 ways to avoid the threat cannot remove the Check completely, it is a Checkmate.

  18. I think you've learned the basics pretty well. But still lacking how to finish or checkmate the opponent. Pretty awesome, because you only just been learned how to play chess at the previous video.

  19. 16:39 one of them have a checkmate opportunity and don't noticed it 😂😂

  20. Chess is one of the game that took only a while to know and learn the basic but a lifetime to master, its ok dont give up

  21. Don't despair Ollie you can do it, it only takes a wee bit of practice and its done

  22. Thanks for the great stream and good luck in the Tournament Ollie!
    I screwed up during a chess game and moved one of my tower pieces in a wrong spot.
    Rook-i3 mistake

  23. 50:13 Queen sacrifice tactic. Her minds are beyond my understanding

  24. The annoying amount of people saying stalemate when its obviously gonna be a draw is infuriating

  25. Lol, she is much better then watson or inna, good job.

  26. That small cameo of Ellie is enough to earn her tons of gachi-koi like Anemachi XD
    Her voice even made it in, and it sounds really cute too

  27. Never in a million years would I thought the xQc VS Cr1tikal thing would get mentioned on a hololive vtuber stream

  28. Cute😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  29. It's so infuriating to see Ollie being able to do a check on one or two, only to watch how she blunders a piece

    But I can't stay anything, she's still learning, only if she had remembered what Anna taught her

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